Friends birthday present

My wife and I often talked about who she would like to have sex with while we were having sex , and when my single friends birthday came around i asked my wife ( during sex) if she would give him a birthday treat (blow job or let him fuck her)

She agreed that we go around his house on the evening of his birthday and she would try to seduce him .

I phoned him the day before to ask him if it's ok for us to come over around 7pm .

My wife wore a white knee length halter neck dress without a bra and white panties, we arrived and he was a glad to see us as he doesn't have many friends.

So we had a beer or two and was chatting about his birthday and he was talking to me about his ex girlfriend , my wife wasn't that keen on her .

My wife started to say how he could do better than her but he said he wasn't so sure about that .

That's when my wife said that his ex was crazy to leave and how she ( my wife ) would eat the shit out of his cock if she had the chance lol.

My friend laughed nervously looking at me as i looked at him saying now that's a chance he can't miss lol, my wife looked at him with a serious expression on her face , my friend said your joking right ? , and my wife said no I'm not, i said she's not mate lol .

My wife stood up and walked over to him holding out her hand as he took her hand as she walked him to the sofa then they were kissing and undressing each other.

Now they are both naked she's waking him off as he's fingering her pussy .

It was amazing watching them as they got into a 69 position which went on for 20 minutes , my wife came several times and now wanted him to fuck her .

As he was fucking her my wife said she wanted me to lick her clit , that was a tight squeeze for us to fit lol .

As i was licking her clit he was fucking her , my tongue started to lick the hole where his cock was entering and they both came at the same time . I had never tasted a mans cum before mixed with my wife's cum .
MY friend still fucking her as his cum was being squeezed out as he pulled out i started to lick her pussy as she rode my face until she came again.

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  • That's a good present.

  • Hot story.

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