I was not getting very good grades my second year of high school and summer school was being talked about to keep me on track. My dad was not happy and gave me a nice long lecture on how the world works and how my grades were going to get me into college. He left for work one morning at his usual early time and my step mom came into my room to wake me up before my alarm. I woke up to her sitting on the edge of my bed, she was wearing what she normally wears but under a robe, I had no problem at all seeing her nipples thru the thin fabric being pushed out by them. She told me that my dad was really concerned about my grades and she wanted to know what the root of the problem was with it. I told her nothing really, I just did not have the motivation to get more than a passing grade.
She thought about that for a moment then told me she thought of some motivation for me, she told me to think of my grades as coupons. I did not really get it but she explained further. If all my grades were a B or higher I could cash them in monthly for a sex favor. I was thrown for a loop at her idea but none the less very interested in these favors. She told me that for every B or above grade I could have anything I wanted for a sex favor monthly so six B's meant six sex favors. I could not believe it but she told me she had looked at my marking period grades last night when my dad had them open and she saw one B on there so starting today I had one sex favor a month until the next marking period. So I was supposed to think about it all day and let her know when I got home school what it was going to be, she also put pointed a finger at me and told me that this is between us and no one else better find out about it.
I thought about her all day and then for some reason I actually studied in the library during lunch, thought to myself there is no way she is serious, no way at all. I had come up with my favor though, I was going to ask her to take off all her clothes and I get to touch her for half an hour.
I got off the bus and practically sprinted home and told her that I really liked her idea and that if she was not joking around with me I came up with a first favor. She looked at me smiling probably figuring she was about to give me a blow job or something which in hind sight would have been a great first one but I told her my idea and I about crapped my pants when she said okay but lets make it an hour.
We went up to my room and she stood there looking at me then said well are you going to undress me or not? I started undoing buttons and next thing I knew she was topless, I got her jeans off with considerable effort then her panties and to my amazement she was standing there naked. She asked me if she should lay down on my bed or remain standing so I told her to lay down for sure. I embarrassed to say that I had an orgasm in my underwear running my hands and fingers all over her body for an hour and she had to have been as sexually frustrated as a woman can get after that hour.
She got up and put her clothes back on then looked at me and told me that she had been doing some thinking as well and decided that every A on my grades counted as two favors but I still had to have all my grades above a B for any of them to count starting with the next marking period.
She was a great motivator and to this day occasionally calls me up for a great love making session, I learned about sex from her in so many ways. She remained true to her word and in my last year of school I had all A's and she pretty much never counted the favors and just did what ever I wanted all the time and more. There were several mornings that she woke me up with a blow job and I loved it, she did everything and still is a sexy woman in her fifties who comes to my apartment and wears me out.


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