Need only women's opinion

My wife says 4 inches hard and 50 seconds is not enough so she says she has a fuck buddy who is black and says he is WAY BIGGER and last a LOT LONGER so question 1 how big is my cock? Question 2 are blacks really bigger? Question 3 do you think she is actually fucking somebody else? Question 4 would you cheat if you were with me ? Please answer these honestly I don't care about nice I would prefer women who are complete bitches and say it how it is if any WOMEN have the courage to answer let's see it

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  • I asked my wife to answer your questions
    1. that would be to dam small for her. Mine is 6 3/4 which she calls border line.

    2. Yes she has never been disappointed with what a black dude has in his pants.

    3. You bet

    4. I cheat now because the old man is border line. I like black and hard.

    Their you go.

  • Guess you can't get any women to tell the truth figures

  • Can I get an answer please say it like it is quit being scared little girls

  • Ya you women ain't ever had a anaconda like mine and your to scared of it to answer the questions that's ok

  • Can't believe all the women on here are to scared of my python to answer questions all good tho I get it it's to big for the women on here

  • 1. It's okay, I would prefer 6"
    2. They're just like any other men, big and small
    3. She said it, if I said it, it definitely means I'm doing it
    4. Depends, every situation is different. One bf had 4" cock too, 15-20mins worth of okay sex. Had a co-worker sweep me off my feet he was married, but all we wanted was the sex.

  • Q1: 4" is fine. 5" is closer to average, but no worries.
    Q2: No, blacks aren't bigger.
    Q3: She already told you that she is
    Q4: If you are an asshole, probably. But it would be easier to just leave.

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