Which would you date

I have seen alot of videos online asking the question so i just wanted to ask the question for my fellow females out their. Which would you date white guys , black guys or latino guys?

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  • BLACK for occasional change of my sexual rhythm in favor of a fat big cock!

  • White

  • All men are equally crappy. It doesn’t really matter.

  • I am willing to date any race and have enjoyed them all.

  • I would date native american LOL
    just had to add it since you didn't have them listed.. anyways I would date based on there personality there morals and if there are any deal breakers I would have a personal check list of things I would not tolerate like addiction no beating or cheating will be tolerated from me..
    or something i might not be able to live with most has nothing to do with race but the individual person and there caricature
    personally I find a darker complexion more attractive then white just the way I am

  • Are you native yourself

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