Do you ladies come back

This is a question for all the white girls out there and that question is once you go black is it true you won't come back? Is there alot women out there that strictly only date black guys now? What are the reasons you stay with the black guy?

Have any of you ever came back to a white guy?

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  • My wife was a slut for black guys in HS, had a half black child when I met her, when I saw that I knew she was a whore because any white woman that let black men fuck them was a slut and whore. But that was what I was looking for, a slut wife that I could get to fuck other men while I watched.

  • Once you go black we don't want you back

  • Exactly

  • What white man would want to fuck a woman who fucked a colored man?

  • Me!

  • Yes usually after they are single mothers to a mixed race kid they try to find some white guy to take care of them.

  • And most white guys view them as damaged goods. So by default, they can’t go back as no white man will have them.

  • I'm married to a white guy but dated black men. I go back and forth.

  • I'm white and dated a black guy in college, but I didn't date him for his dick. The sex was great, however. We were a little mismatched, he couldn't always fit it all in, unless my cervix was high in my fertility cycle, but we made it work lol.

    We broke up and I spent a couple of years dating white guys, eventually married one. We've been married 12 years and I'm quite happy with his equipment.

  • LOL!

    Depends on the white girl.
    Depends on the black guy.
    White, black -- at the end of
    the day, it's girls and guys.

  • It's not true. I've gone black, but white guys have more money. Game over.

  • Are you kidding? Yes. Of course. You’re stupid.

  • Yah white peoples gave more respect what are you thinking! Stop stereotypeing everyone

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