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I am 20 and in college, still live at home and it is just me and my mom. She works and I have a part time job while off for the summer from college. I only work the weekends so my week is a little boring and for some reason I got this really bad thought one day while watching porn vids of voyeur scenes.
I bought some pretty low quality cams and hid them in my moms bedroom and I wake up early and watch her get ready for work. I have not seen anything sexual other than when she puts lotion on her body after showering but I guess you really cannot call it sexual. I should probably take them out of her room though because if she finds them I would probably get killed but I really enjoy doing this and all in all she is pretty hot, her boobs have to be D cups for sure and she has really large nipples that have very erect nipples. I think the thing that surprised and turned me on the most though is she has no pubic hair. I do not know if she shaves it or has it waxed off but she is bald.

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  • My Mom and sister are about as blind as a bat and have huge lenses in their glasses. My mom would put her glasses on the toilet seat next to the shower so that she could put them back on right away after showering. Their bathroom had a glass shower enclosure which left nothing to the imagination, I would sneak into the bathroom and sit by the door and watch her.
    My sister and I had a bathroom between our rooms upstairs and in the evenings when she had to shower I would sneak in there and wait until I heard her rinsing her hair. I would peak around the shower curtain and look at her while she had her eyes closed but most of the time I just did not move and she never noticed me.

  • Spy cams are how I found out my wife was having sex with multiple black men. Not at the same time but a lot of different men while I was working.

  • I did that to my moms room too, and then found out she was having sex with the kid next door, and Uncle Tom

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