I dated an anthropologist

In the early 2000's I dated a tall, thin brunette who was professor of anthropology specializing in Amazonian tribes and the role of women. She was very attractive and was sexy confident. She was also uninhibited and had no problem sunbathing in the nude or even spending her days nude in the house.

I found out that when she was in the Amazon she lived as a tribeswoman for two years as part of her research. She had gotten married to a lead warrior and spent her time as one of his two wives. During that time she was fully nude as was the custom. She told me she hadn't intended to go so far but after a few weeks she stripped nude and soon found herself married to one of the lead warriors. She told me she consummated the marriage and had been shared with other men as was custom. Her secret was that no one knew she had gone native. She had all but given up on returning when her child died and her husband was killed so after two years she made her way out.

The story of her living nude in the forest and being shared to fuck other men was super hot. We split up because she was a bit crazy and always wanted to go back. Apparently according to tribal law she was married to her brother in law. So we never got married.

12 days ago

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