Neighbors wife

I woke up one morning to someone knocking on my door, it was my neighbor and his car would not start. He was really worried he was going to get fired if he missed work so I thru on some clothes real fast and jumped his car to get him going. His battery was barely getting a charge and I told him that he probably would not be able to restart it at work. I told him to get in my car and I dropped him off at work. I returned home and his wife came over extremely apologetic and told me her husband was such a jerk for waking me up, I told her a few times not to worry about it. I went to the auto store and got him a new battery, installed it and the car was fine. She was overwhelmed at my generosity and came over to my house when I was done and cleaning up. She kept telling me I was the nicest guy in the world, she was hugging me and telling me that she could not believe how great I was. I kept telling her it was okay and I just wanted to help them out. She suddenly out of no where got down on her knees in front of me and started telling me she was going to give me a blow job for everything I have done, she started undoing my pants and I just stared down at her in disbelief as my pants dropped to my feet. She pulled down my underwear and started just sucking away on my cock. I leaned back against the counter top and she just followed me right back sucking hard and stroking me with one of her hands. I came in like two minutes from it and she kept sucking until it was hard to stand up.
I had not had sex in like two years and something just kind of snapped in my head when I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. She pulled off her shirt and bra while I was pulling off her bottoms, I wanted to lick her pussy so bad that I did not even care she was married. I licked her for a good half an hour enjoying it the whole time, I then made my way up her body and she could feel my cock pressing against her. She worked her hand down to my cock and started guiding it into her, I had sex with her until I started to feel another orgasm coming on. I pulled out telling her that I could not last any longer, she told me to bring my cock up to her mouth. I straddled her and she grabbed my ass and started pushing me in and out of her mouth while sucking. I got the message and began pumping in and out until I came again.
I thanked her for the great sex and she told me I was very welcome but she owed me a big debt for my work. She told me while laying there on the bed that I had twelve more times of this coming my way. I laid there thinking it was a bad idea but at the same time I was looking really forward to the next one.

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