Barriers, ground rules, friendship, and loss

My friend Kate [24f] hooked me [22f] up with a blind date named Billy [23m]. She suggested that we double date with her bf Nolan [24m]. They've only been dating for a couple of months. I said okay, that was fine. We had a good time hanging out having dinner at a restaurant.

All four of us went back to Kate and Nolan's house that they rent. They have a hot tub, and both Kate and Nolan went off to hang in the tub. Billy and I stayed inside and started to get a little frisky. He was a nice first date, but maybe not long-term potential. I could sense that all night.

I was sucking Billy's cock on the couch when Kate and Nolan came in to get a couple of beers. They watched us for a bit, and then Nolan pulled out his dick and started stroking himself hard to the scene. I was a little buzzed, not drunk, and said "Are you going to use it or waste it?" I thought he and his gf Kate would get it on, but no, Nolan came over to me and pulled down my panties. He slipped right in me and we fucked doggy. I looked back at Kate to see if she was okay with it, and she was just looking, not really upset. Nolan is a bit of a hottie, so I was okay with it.

Kate actually hung out and watched for a bit, before going over to kiss Nolan while he fucked me while I sucked Billy's dick. She initially seemed all right with it. Then she got a little weird. I could hear her say in almost a whisper, "You fucking piece of shit," "I can't believe you're inside of her," and "Is she better than me?" She had an almost weird, diabolical tone.

Nolan lost it quickly in me. Truly, he was a lousy lay. I didn't even get an orgasm. After I got Billy off via oral we left. Well, the next day I tried to call Kate to say thanks for the date, and my messages kept getting ignored. She totally refuses to talk to me. I don't really think that I did anything wrong--it was kinda Nolan's move, imo. If there are problems, it is between Kate and Nolan, not Kate and me. But she is treating me like I have ebola or something. btw, Billy and I were done after that date too. I'm guessing that whole night was just fucked up and ruined everything.


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  • Serious hoe? You have no idea, really?

  • Yeah, like generally, when you fuck your best friends boyfriend, you might be looking for a new best friend. A few women are OK with sharing, but you might want to find that out before you let him inside you.

  • Did you even ask them if it was okay to suck your date's dick in their house before you did it? Your friend may have been secretly appalled but was too polite to stop it.

  • I'm guessing your friend Kate was testing her bf as well as you, to see how far you would go. Basically she gave both of you enough rope to hang yourselves with it. I suppose it's possible to be friends again, but it might take a while.

  • Even planned play dates go bad when unknown emotions arise, jealousy, embarrassment, shame ect. Happens frequently with people experimenting with swinging and swapping

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