Met old man on meetme app.

Lets start by telling you I am 27 female and married. This is going to feel so good getting it off my chest. I have been watching old men young women porn for years now and a few months ago i was extra horny one morning. I had woke up really early and started looking on meetme app to video masterbate with some old man nearby. Well one man was online that lived about 45 minutes away he lives alone and is a bus driver and he looked like the perfect daddy to play with. On a scale i look a pornstar and he is a fat bearded 62 year old man. I entertained the idea of him meeting me in a parking lot to *touch* and he happily agreed. I was so horny that i didnt think twice about going and threw on a sundress no panties or bra to allow for easy access. The 10 minute drive was exhilarating . I had a clit sucker vibrator teasing my now wet pussy all the way there. I get the the food lion parking lot and there he is parked and gets out of the car and walks up to the window. I greet him and say *hi daddy* hes smiling ear to ear telling me how beautiful i am and leans in the car telling me how he wants to eat my pussy. He puts his hand on my thigh and starts rubbing on my clit telling me how wet i am. ..all while staring at me in the face which was turning me on even more.i was worried because it was early in the morning cars were driving by so i kept looking around. I spread my legs in my suv and throw my leg over the middle console almost hitting the horn .Well let me tell you the old man goes knuckle deep in my pussy and instantly makes me cum. It was so fucking intense he didnt break eye contact and kept saying cum for daddy cum for daddy to me as im moaning he then pulls his fingers out and licks them off telling me how good i taste. At this point i am no longer horny and i am kind of ashamed and i get shy and im like well i gotta go!!! I end up going back to my house. I think about my encounter alot and i want this old mans face buried in my pussy i know its wrong but fuck i want it again.

Jul 27
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    • Love to chat with a female to get ideas on how to make her panties very warm and moist. Straight panty loving man here.

    • Become a nasty bathroom whore. Free to use. All holes open for whatever - piss, cum, spit, whatever.....

    • Don't forget to let him fuck you good after you are so wet. Let him pump you full of old sperm and see how much you can take before he floods you out.

    • I have been entertaining the idea im not on birth control and i told him i want him to cum deep in my pussy. Im thinking of meeting him at a public restroom hes got a nice cock but not sure when i can meet him with my husband being home alot :*(

    • Public bathrooms are nice places to suck cock

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