Should I take it off?

I've been fucking my mother for the past month or so. She always has me wear a condom when we fuck, but I soooooo want to feel moms wet pussy on my bare cock. She had her tubes tied years ago and can't get pregnant. I have never fucked anyone but my mom, and she hasn't fucked anyone but my dad for the past twenty years, and he left her two years ago, so I'm sure there is no way that either one of us has an STD. I'm wondering why I can't fuck her without a condom. I'm seriously thinking about just pulling the rubber off next time I'm fucking her, but don't know how mad she will be if I cum in her pussy. I'm not old enough to take the sex ed class in high school yet, so I'm sure I don't know everything about sex yet, I don't know if there is any other reason we have to use protection.


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  • I hope you are fucking her bare,by now. I think she feels less like a 'bad mother' if she makes you wear a condom. Sort of like a "maginot line" for her.

  • Tell her you will get tested for STD's and you are not sleeping with anyone else. After that she probably won't mind you not wearing a condom.

  • You should speak to her about it.

  • Hey Buddy have you tried mum's arse yet ?

  • I started having sex with my step mom in my early teens. I never wore a comdom one time. We had sex hundreds of times over the years and she is by far the best sex I have ever had. I am married now and have told my wife about it. She gets off on me talking about it while we fuck. My wife will even take my dad out to lunch when we visit so my stepmom and I can fuck. She loves to suck me off after I fuck my stepmom so she can taste her.

  • Do you do her anally and if so how is it ?

  • Hey Buddy, have you been in mum's bum yet ?

  • Not yet. My grandparents are still staying with us. They are leaving in two days, so mom and me will definately be fucking as soon as they leave. She told me today that she is dripping wet, waiting for my hard cock to cum inside he pussy. Not sure if I will butt fuck her yet or not, I really love her pussy so much that I'm not all that eager to do her in the ass, butt I will surely try it soon, just to see if I like it. I can"t imagine it's any better than her hot wet pussy though.

  • Thank you believe me darling you will really enjoy anal, my husband and I love it so much we virtually only fuck that way with me in doggie position, he adores the dominance while I like feeling submissive , please let us know how you go xxxx

  • Hey sweetie I am very interested in your post and replies, I love the relationship you have with your mother but really think that the sex is wrong however to each their own I really would like you to answer a few questions if you don't mind
    Do you sleep together
    Are you going to do anal
    Have you thought about wearing female lingerie
    Does anyone else know
    You appear to be a very nice boy

  • To answer your questions, no we don't regularily sleep together, as I have a little sister that lives with us. Sometimes I do fall asleep after sex and sleep in moms bed all night. One morning my sister caught us in bed together, but we just told her that I couldn't fall asleep so I cuddled up with mom. I don't think my sis has a clue that we are having sex, she's too young to even know what sex is, I think, although she seems to be curious about sex.
    Mom bought us some butt lube the other day, and so we will try anal sex soon, but my grandparents are staying with us for the next week, so our sexual activities are on hold for a while.
    No, I've never had any desire to wear womens clothing, and no, nobody else knows that mom and me are fucking, my mom would be in a world of trouble if anyone found out.

  • I'm not sure how old your sister is but maybe you could start teaching her what sex is all about....and maybe one day be her first...?

  • Thank you darling you certainly are a nice boy, I think that eventually your little sister will catch you out fucking mum so please be very good to her, would you please advise when you do your mum doggie anally I am sure you will love it, I really think you should talk to mum about getting some sexy lingerie for you just start off like my husband panties with matching bra and nightie for bedtime he so loves it but had reservations to start with till he felt the wonderful feel.
    All the best darling after your grandparents go you will have a nice large load for mum.

  • Hi dear you sound very open I'm too into mum I love to dress mum finds it hit to be fucked me wearing her clothes I cum huge inside her so we both gain from the experience. Now have had mum and my older sis xx

  • My new 18 year old boyfriend is really mad on sex, he has a large wonderful prick 7 1/2 inches and very thick when hard, still pretty clumsy but I love teaching him, it is so good because he is my sons best friend so can stay over and sleep with me anytime no questions asked, I have him wearing sexy panties and bras around the house plus a mesh nightie for bedtime I purchased them especially for him, I have plenty of photo's and video's of him in compromising positions and lingerie so if I ever hear he is fucking another girl they will go straight on social media and he knows it.
    As soon as I am confident I will have him doing me anal doggie I love that, my husband always did me that way.
    Sweetie how about letting me know how large your cock is considering at your age it will grow some more ?
    You and your mum are very lucky xxxx

  • My cock is just a little ove six inches long, probably about average diameter. Mom says it will probably get a little bigger, but says it's plenty big enough just as it is. Cool about your sons friend. I'm sure you will teach him right. Do you ever have sex with your son?

  • That's a nice size cock darling.
    No my son and I never have sex, about once a week he snuggles up to me on the sofa and I give him a nice wank we both like that, I like him watching me when I masturbate, probably next week I am going to start my boyfriend doing me in the bum doggie and my son is very keen to watch that.
    Please let us know when you do mum in the bum eh ?

  • Kindly stop airing your demented, filthy, unnatural concept insinuating that one enters & penetrates a exit only cavity. Defying nature has consequences however we're certain your immature, childish mind would be clueless to understand why. Get Lost Loser.

  • Listen you goose, my wife and I have been doing anal for years it is our main sexual activity and we just love it

  • Hello darling, how are things going now ? I bet both of you are so very happy to have sex without condoms, it is just so extra nice. One of my sons friends just turned 18 so as a birthday present I took his virginity, I am on the pill he was quite clumsy but promised if he could keep fucking me he would not touch any other girl so we have plenty of fun.
    Darling how old are you ?

  • Yeah, its awesome feeling my moms pussey on my bare cock, so much better than a rubber. I didn't know that a woman could get that wet and feel that great. She says she loves feeling my hot cum inside of her. I asked her what she thinks about anal sex, as everyone keeps saying I should do her in the butt. She says she used to let my dad do her in the butt a couple times a month, usually only when she was on the rag. She said I can try it if I want, but she has to buy some lube first. I really shouldn't say my age, but I'm somewhere between 12 and 18, closer to 12.

  • That's so nice darling, I really hope you start doing her doggie style in the bum, it is great that she already has had it and obviously likes doing it, you will both just adore it xxxxx
    Please let us know how you go.

  • ^^I'm 19 now you sound very sexy if you don't mind me saying^^

  • Yes and a bullshit artist EH ? piss off

  • Thanks for the update that is great, does your Mother shave her pussy ?

  • Yes, she's clean shaven, and she lets me shave it for her.

  • That's so nice, you certainly sound like a wonderful boy I am so very glad you are fucking her without a condom now it is so much better and satisfying, incidently how old are you darling ?
    My husband shaves and cleans me and I do him usually on Sunday afternoon after we have a sex session that includes oral, anal, vaginal and sometimes I peg him we both do doggie style, I really hope you try it one day.

  • Darling how about an update on your sexual activities ?

  • Okay. So last night my mom went out to a birthday party with some friends. A man brought her home around 12:30 in the morning. She was so drunk she could hardly walk. I'm pretty sure she would have fucked the guy if I hadn't interupted them. I told the guy that I would get her into bed, and thanked him for bringing her home safely.
    After he left, I helped mom into her bedroom and helped her undress. She fell down on the bed and spread her legs wide and told me to come to mommy. I climbed on top of her and she pushed my face down into her crotch. She was dripping wet and tasted so good. I ate her out for probably 15 minutes till she came, then she pulled me up and told me to put it in her. I told her I didn't have a rubber on and she said it was okay. Her hot, wet pussy felt so good on my bare cock that I came almost instantly. Mom smiled at me the rolled over and fell asleep.
    This morning, she woke up and didn't remember a thing that happened last night, but she was totally relieved and happy that it was my cum dripping out of her vagina and not some stranger. I think we will be fucking bareback from now on.

  • So happy for you Darling that is just fantastic, all you have to do now is get into her bum while she is on all fours' are you going to try that Baby ?

  • So I might be really strange, but I really have no desire to put my dick up moms asshole. Her pussy is so warm and wet and smells and tastes totally awesome. I just have no interest in putting my cock up her shitty butt. Maybe when I get older and more experienced my desires will change, but for now, I can't imagine anything better than moms beautiful vagina.

  • Maybe she doesn't want to give you the Herp.

  • I agree with the replies below that advise you to start fucking her up the arse particularly in the doggie position, I started that with my wife and it really calmed her down she is just so submissive now and I am very dominant, feels great.

  • Start doing her doggie either anally or vaginally that will begin to have you more dominant in the relationship, I fuck my step mother initially she was in total control however after I started doing her exclusively doggie she became quite submissive particularly when I mount her when she is on all fours anally and would do anything for me, she had her tubes tied just after my father left and we started getting flirty so I never wore condoms at all, it is so fantastic.

  • She should lock you in a cock cage, then you might have something to whinge about mother fucker.

  • Do you fuck her up the arse and suck her off as well ?

  • No, I don't fuck my mother in the ass, that's sick. We do give each other oral sex though. She doesn't make me wear a rubber when she sucks my cock, and I lap up her sweet pussy juice like a dog working on a juicy T-bone steak, so it really is strange that she makes me put one on when I enter her pussy. I finally asked her about it a few nights ago, and she said it's just not natural for a son to enter his mothers vagina without a rubber between them. I don't agree, I think it's the most natural, wonderful thing in the world, I have rubbed moms pussy juice on my cock after fingering her and it feels awesome. For now, I will respect her wishes and continue wearing a condom, but one way or another, I WILL have her wet pussy on my bare cock.

  • Darling try her in the arse certainly no need for wearing a condom and you both will love it particularly when you mount her doggie style.

  • I think its a form of dominance over you, good for her.

  • Hey.... remind her you weren't wearing a rubber when you came out of her so theres no reason to wear one when entering her :) Still a sick-o though!

  • Wear a condom every time and you will both be happy, try to go bareback or fool her with cum in her cunt and you will regret it.

  • I think you should fill it with your cum and set up an IV drip into her puss at night so she can dream of you....... jack-bag! (lol, see what I did there: Jack-bag)

  • How stupid is this for advise ?

  • My advice for you is to stop lying.

  • I think you should wear a condom, not that I condone you fucking your mother but it does indicate a sense of parental control, my husband has a new job that takes him away quite a lot so I have permission to take a lover, I have been flirting with a nice young guy at work and am sure we are going to start fucking soon I am going to make him wear a condom and only let him have a root when I want it, I am certain I am going to lock him in a cock cage so he will be totally under my control.

  • Love you sister wish I could be in the same situation but my husband is very dominant while I am submissive, I am locked in a chastity belt whenever he does not require vaginal or anal sex, I sort of don't mind it is quite comfortable for lengthy use and he gives me a fantastic life, we want for nothing and have everything we want, he is interstate or overseas often but his son's are starting to get more involved in the companies now so I hope he will be staying home a lot more soon, I need a lot of sex he is 48 while I am 28 (second wife) I know he is knocking off his current secretary and that is OK with me as he has always had that arrangement with them but they don't last too long.

  • Which backwoods State are you from? Kentucky, Virginia Arkansas or Oklahoma

  • Backwoods? Your punctuation & sentence structure indicate you are from a 'backwoods state'. Where the fuck is Virginia Arkansas? There should be a comma or conjunction between the two 'states'. Which brings me to my next question. Why the fuck did you capitalize the word state when you were using it as a common noun? You fucking twit!

  • Watch out the Grammar police have arrived!!

  • Never met anyone who banged their mom it’s not common that’s for sure lol but it could be more of a dirty fantasy for some but the real action is not common I believe


  • Should be no reason but talk to her about it first

  • It may cause her to stop doing this if you can't follow her rule for whatever reason she has for it.

  • Get it off and give her your bare pole right up her and fill her cunt full of yound hot shot .

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