He came in me

I wasn't used to suck cock without a condom ...when he approached me and stuck his cock on my face and told me to suck it ..i looked at it.. it was big and thick but never the less i started to suck his limp cock and got it to full erection.. he tells me to rub my pussy for fucking ..( i had never done that before with anyone) so i felt a little embarrassed to do it but i did... i got real wet juicy as he fucked my face he tells me to lay back on the couch and he licks and sucks my pussy OMG it was heavenly awesome (never had my pussy done like that) i start grinding on his face and hold his head like i'm fucking his mouth he pulls back and puts his cock on my pussy and penetrates it (without a condom) i'm excited and nervous as he goes deeper and deeper with each thrust ,,yes yes as he pushes deeper into my pussy he lifts my legs up and goes deep i can't stop from getting an convulsion orgasm as i hold him in and fuck him with all my might ..as he starts to groan i look up at him and he drives his cock nice and deep into my pussy and shoots his cum into pussy....after a few seconds he says we'll find out now if the birth control me and your mom put you on is working ,, he pulls out of me and a huge load runs out of my gaped pussy down the front of the couch and onto the carpet ( the stain still there to this day)... couldn't believe that being expelled from school for having activity with boys in the gym would get me into trouble like this ... my parents were furious giving the 3rd degree ..then they realized they couldn't be with me 24/7 so being sexually active they put me on birth control ....when my mother left for a convention in Vegas my father decided to find out how good my birth control works i hate to say it but how many times does he need to find out? I'm starting to use 2 tampons' and a pad in order not to bleed thru i can fist fuck myself without a problem he's really gaping me out...


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  • Well i hope the birth control worked .... if not try it again

  • Mmmmmm yes i do a gorl of mone too and the mother does with me we might have another we get so off to it. Lots are into incest and pedophilia now its hot. If you wanna try hit me up

  • Fuck you dude you are sick and fucked up. If someone killed you it would make my our day.

  • Incest has always been popular but pedophilia is wrong especially with the very young.

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls incest is not popular.

  • There are many forums and porn videos with thousands and thousands if views that would disagree with you!!

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Loser....

  • No, l would say you have a serious problem.

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