Pin Hole

Flating with two guys and girls. I have a gf and what I tried to do was to have sex with my gf with a used condom with cum already. It was a thought for a few months but I decided to go ahead. One of the flatmates had sex with his gf I picked up the condom and poked a few pin holes. When my turn came to have sex with my gf I rolled up the condom (was difficult as it was used already so had to carefully roll/pull it up).

It kinda felt gross my cock submerged in someones cum but I got a hard on. And I final insert my cock inside her pussy and I could just think the cum coming out into her pussy which was not mine. and I fucked her good and then I came into the condom too which must have leaked out inside her.

Havent tried it after that but it was great experience.

1 month ago

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    • Wtf dude. He could have some std or some white and you are putting your gf in danger without her consent. Leave these kinda shit in your head and imagine it while fucking her but don’t do it again

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