Secret pantyboy

I have been a secret pantyboy for a long time. I am very straight but i just resist the feeling that rushs thru me when i party and dress up in sexy pantys and stockings and other hot lingerie. I had a huge collection of pantys and lingerie. One nite i was partying and decided i would go to the video arcade in the bookstoe across the river. I dumped out me huge bag of pretty lingerie and pick out a sexy pair of purple lace thongs, a pair of nude color lace top thi his that where held up by a white lace garterbelt. I then dressed in my regular clothes. Gosh my cock was so hard knowing that i was out in public and no one had a clue that i was dressed like a sexy bitch underneath. I pulled into the parking lot of the bookstore and the lot was empty. Just my luck no one here. I went in any and gave the store lady the fee to enter the arcade.i waz the only one there. So i found a booth that was showing shemale porn and sat down with the door open. I unzipped my pants and pulled my panties to the side and started stroking my thick smooth shaved cock when all of a sudden i heard someone coming down the hall. I paused my jacking as the foot step got closer to my booth.covering my hard cock with my hands. Then a good looking gent in his early 50s peered inside and askd if i would like some company. I said i would like some.he came in and closed the door. I was nervous because i did not know how he would react to me wearing lingerie under my clothes. He then asked to see my cock. I moved my hands and he got a glimpse of my garter thongs and thi his and he says OMG!! That is so sexy and please let me suck your cock. He then gave me 20 bucks and began milking my cock like a pro. I couldnt believe i ran into this good lookin guy here and now he was sucking me begging for ny hot load to shoot in to his hungry mouth. After about 5 minutes i gripped the back of his head and sprayed his throat with my cum. He milked every last drop out of my thick cock. He then stood up, wiped his mouth and thanked me for such huge load and then he turned and left. I was so turned on by wat just happed. My cock stayed hard the whole way home. I got inside and i shot another load just thinking about wat just happed. Thank you stranger.

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  • My wife asked me what guys get out of wearing women's panties. I don't know, I answered. Well when she left for work I thought I should find out, so I got a pair of her silk thongs and slid them up and over my now hardening cock. I couldn't believe how sexy and erotic it felt. My cock was so hard and dripping pre=cum like crazy. I had to taste it as it ran down my shaft. It looked so hot I took pictures to share . When she came home I showed her my cock pics not thinking she would recognize her panties and she did right away. I told her I had her answer and for me at that point I told her I wanted to suck another mans cock. She new I was serious and now I wish I could find a regular guy to share this with. She encourages me too! The idea of being on my knees in front of another guy as he slides his cock in my mouth drives me crazy!

  • When I dress like that I’m the one milking the cocks. Either in my mouth or taking them up my ass. I love lingerie, and milking cocks.

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