The Bathroom

I recently moved in with my boyfriend everything is going well except for the bathroom, when I go to the toilet to put it bluntly to have a shit I don't like company he will walk in and talk to me I am very embarrassed when he is there doing what I do on the toilet, he isn't bothered when ime in the bath he will come in and use the toilet for a No2 again I am very uncomfortable in his presence, I haven't said anything to him as things are going smoothly
am I being prudish,

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  • You've already asked this on another thread and 36+ people said you're a prude. So why ask again?

  • Yeah its weird..... at first, but then it becomes nothing..... it's actually the norm for me and many others. Im married with 3 kids and sometimes the only time wife and i chat is when one of us is dropping a deuce. Wait till you give birth and he gets to se your bladder hanging out of you! GAME CHANGER!

    And then the sex stops and you end up here to find something interesting or exciting.

  • This 👍 yeah the only time me and my hubby get to talk in private, is if one of us is dropping a load.

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