My ex

My wife and I split up years ago and for the first five years of so afterwards she would just come by on a weekend night and want sex. I did not get it myself and it was not like I was mean to her while we were married we just did not agree on many things and she got tired of it.
One night I had a few friends over and she showed up, I thought she had already been drinking some because she looked pretty relaxed. She brought some liquor with her and hung out talking and I knew why she was over. She went to use the bathroom and one of my friends asked me what the hell was up with her, I told him that she comes by every now and then for sex. He looked surprised at me but told me hell why not. She came back out from the bathroom and I noticed that she was really getting drunk so I took her keys and disabled her car.
I guess it was about an hour later I walked into the living room and there she was with a guy on each end getting laid. They had stripped her completely naked and the three of them were just screwing her brains out. She was enjoying it completely moaning and grinding against them while she sucked like a vacuum on which ever cock was in her mouth. I watched for a few minutes then walked over and had her blow me, she is a great cock sucker for sure.
I woke up the next morning and she was crashed out in the spare bedroom naked still, I wondered if she would ever get her life together and as I stared at her ass I thought well at least I get laid now and then. I put on a condom and lubed up the end of it then started nudging her anus, she did not even protest and got up on her knees pushing her ass up in the air. I lubed her up more and screwed her hard until I had a great orgasm. She fell right back to sleep and woke up around noon.

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