Caught stealing moms money

I was a boy in the 1960s who was stealing from my mom. i really thought i was out smarting her, so i kept stealing more money. she can't catch me. my luck ran out.i was leaving her bedroom and there was mom. when she asked me if i was stealing money, i said no. but she said she marked the money and told me to empty my pockets. when i said no, that was the wrong answer. she grabbed my pants pocket and pulled so hard, she ripped my pocket off and grabbed the money. then she showed me on the money was bad boy. i panic and tried to get away. she pulled my t shirt up over my head and i could not move my arms. she grabbed the front of my pants and unzipped them. then suddenly she yanked my pants apart and they dropped to my ankles. i was over her knee before i knew it and she ripped off my underware and began giving me the spanking of my life. my t shirt still had my arms unable to move yet. finally she grabbed my t shirt and dragged me to the bathroom and pulled it off and sat me on a chair. my hippie hair was a mess she told me. then i heard the sound of hair clippers got turned on and she began giving me a haircut. i was crying for her to stop, but all i heard her saying i will not steal any money again. my hair was gone fast. she took me to a mirror to see my new haircut i was crying about. she told me to take a shower. and clean up this mess

Aug 3
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    • I used to do things that would upset my mom so i would try to fight her and get her really mad,so she would remove my clothes by any means possible so she would take me over her knee and spank me so hard, i once got to excited, i exploded on her leg and she knew it.

    • Did you get a boner when she spanked you?

      My mom spanked me in front of my sister and Ingot a raging hard boner that both mom and sister saw.

    • Did you steal again you fucking thief? My mom wouldn't have used clippers she'd have yanked every hair out with her hands. I hope you gained a fetish and stopped the theiving! Spankings are good if for sexual gratification and not with your mum!

    • I’m older and mommy is long gone. I love mommy spanking-discipline stories. Got a hardon reading that, stroked it, and just ejaculated very very big. Thank you!!

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