What attracted you to your wife?
The first time that I saw my wife, she was in the dining hall at college having dinner with three other girls. What attracted her to me was that she had long blonde hair and obviously large breasts. I wanted to ask her out on a date, but I was very shy around girls and didn't.
The second time that I saw her, she was also in the dining hall, but she was sitting with another guy. I immediately thought how lucky that the guy was that was with her.
Then, I saw them together many times and sometimes I saw her leaving his room late at night. Her hair would be tangled and sometimes her clothes would be rumpled like she had been in bed. I knew that he was fucking her. And I wanted to be the guy that was fucking her.
I saw her at a frat party with her boyfriend on Friday night. I watched as they went up to the second floor where the bedrooms were. I waited a few minutes and when upstairs. I stopped at the bathroom and then walked along the hall and saw a door that was open. There were several guys standing just inside the room and I looked into the room. The girl that I liked was lying on her back on the bed and her guy was between her legs fucking her. Two other guys were on each side of her and they were squeezing her breasts and she was holding onto their cocks. Soon her guy came in her cunt and one of the other guys got between her legs. I watched from the doorway. while five guys plus her boyfriend fucked her. The I got my turn and I fucked her and came deep in her used cunt.
Later after her guy dumped her, I asked her out and we dated, lived together and got married. I was the 7th guy that fucked her and she was my first.

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    • I met my wife through a friend. We were both divorced and seemed to hit it off together so I asked her out. On the date, I noticed that she had beautiful feet. Her toes were painted and they looked so soft. I think she caught me staring a few times and just smiled. On the way home from the date she sucked my cock. I took her home and fucked her with her feet in my face. I licked and sucked her toes which she loved. She said her ex husband never did that. We married about a year later and it's been great so far!

    • I meet my wife at a swingers club I was one of the guys I her gangbang we still got to that club almost every weekend

    • We met at a Fall campus music fest at our university. I was 20, she was 18. I remember seeing her in her short skirt with fishnets, and a tank top with no bra. It was the late 90s. She looked so hot, we talked and danced. When she sat down I stood behind her and could see all of her small boobies, her puffy nipples. She kept fixing her tank top as to not show down her shirt but the alcohol and party left her pretty careless. We made out, and I was feeling her ass under her skirt, she wouldn’t let me touch her pussy, she was a good girl. I put my hand up her shirt but she wouldn’t let me keep it there long, she was a good girl. Our friends kept telling us to get a room. She was so embarrassed, she was a good girl. I got her number and asked her out to a party a day later. Again, we talked a lot, made our, she wore a short dress and again no bra, and I thought she looked so hot. We made out hot and heavy and I talked her into inviting me into her room. We made out and I finally got to see her small B cup boobies with the perfect nipples. We made out for at least an hour, with our hands in each other’s genitals and we had finally had sex. I remember seeing her bush for the first time and being in awe of her small pussy. It looked so beautiful. She was so shy, and didn’t want me to see it, but I remember how it looked. We had sex three times that night and were like rabbits all over each other. I loved how hot she was, I still love pictures we have from back then. She was 18, always wore short dresses, skirts, shorts and no bra. We did everything we could think of sexually. She’s still sexy, still wears sexy clothes, has had a boob implants since then and is a D cup with a hot MILF body now. Still turns me on, and still has a sexy bush.

    • Was she a virgin? Were you? Has she ever had other sexual partners?

    • My wife and I met at work. One day when I was working she met me for lunch. When we were having lunch in the car she opened her coat and she wasn’t wearing anything under it. When lunch time was over and everyone was going back to work she closed her coat and I was about to get out of the car when a couple of our coworkers stopped at the car and said hello to her and asked how I rated to have her bring me lunch. She just laughed and said oh I would do anything for him. They laughed and said oh really now? I said yeah really and asked her to open her coat. I really didn’t think she would but to my surprise she opened her coat wide open and left it open. Our coworkers got a good look at her pretty t****** and the rest of her naked body. She just looked at them and smiled as they looked her over. Then they left the car and went back to work and I kissed her and I got out of the car to go back to work. I said that was exciting. She smiled and said yes it was, like I said I would do anything for you. We got married about 4 months later. We’ve been married for 21 years now. My wife has been true to her word that she would do anything for me. I have shown her naked alot over the years with her doing so willingly. To this day if I have friends over for a poker party and ask her to be our naked waitress for the evening, she will put on just her high heels and make sure everyone has something to drink or eat and bring it to them. She never shys away when someone calls her over to their seat at the table just to get a closer look at her. No affairs or sexual favors for anyone. They all know she’s just there for them to look at and she enjoys them looking.

    • My wife and I have an amazing sex life but it wasn’t her sexual prowess that attracted me to her. She is a genuinely nice person who gives a shit about those around her. She tries incredibly hard and has worked tirelessly over the years building her work profile. After 17 years together, I can’t fault her in any way. I am lucky to be with her.

    • Long curly blonde hair, shaely figure, big blue eyes, and tight little ass.
      On our first lunch date she calmly stated, "I'm never bothered too much by summer heat - because I always sleep naked!" then she got up from the table to get something and so I could undress her as she walked away.
      She's clever like that. A pro at flirting.
      I liked what I "saw"!

    • We were in High School and I knew she was a slut so I went on a date with her and I got a blow job within the first 2 hours. Three hours later we were fucking, I was hooked. She was a dirty girl in all the right ways. We have now been married 26 years.

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