To see the look on a guys face.

My wife now knows that I really enjoy when another guy get a look at her chest.
She knows what colors look good on her and has great taste in clothes, and likes to look nice. Once in a while she would be wearing a top that allowed her chest to be more exposed. But she looked nice and not sluty.
One day while we were out she had such an outfit on, I really took notice, as did a few other men who happened to be in the right place right time.
At some point I told her how much I enjoyed that, a bit surprised but understanding, and very happy I was so turned on by her. She started to wear outfits that might get me going.
When we are out I look at her as if I have never seen her like this, I think it is the hole package, her over all look. When I see a guy notice how much he can see and try to get a longer or better look, really drives me crazy.
Why is it that I get off so much on her being noticed like this. I don't think it is in any way that I want men to see that I have such a nice looking wife. Somehow it is more the thought that they are seeing more then they should.
Woman do you understand this?

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