Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Violated Again

Months had gone by since I violated and sodomized the beautiful Doctor Nausheen (read “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Receives Unwanted Anal Parts 1 & 2”). I watched and re-watched the video I had taken of me violating her. I came so hard to it, so many times. I wanted more of her. I had to have more of her! A plan came to mind. I edited the lengthy video I made of her into a short segment I could send to her in email. While violating her, I made her say some dirty things to me. I think she thought if she obeyed me and said what I told her to say, I would leave without violating her. She was wrong. Some of the dirty things I made her say were “Take my ass. Please take my virgin ass.” and “I’ve always wanted it in the butt. Give it to me in the butt!” I took the clips showing close ups of her face while she said these things and combined them with clips of close-ups of my glistening cock head entering her virgin ass. I then added some clips of my thrusting in and out of her and her moaning (in pain, but it could have been mistaken for pleasure). I emailed the edited video to her along with a message that said “I need to see you in person. If you don’t agree, this video will be sent to your husband. I will be at your office at 5:30 PM on Thursday. Leave the door unlocked and be inside alone.”

I went to her office on Thursday at 5:30 PM and only saw one car in the parking lot. I parked and approached the door of her office, it was unlocked. I went inside locking the door behind me. I walked through the rooms of her office to find them empty. I eventually entered her private office to find her sitting behind her desk. As soon as I walked in she shouted at my angrily “How dare you send that video to me after what you did to me! How dare you threaten to send it to my husband! What do you want?” Seeing her beautiful face again, and how upset the video made her, instantly stiffened my penis, causing it to bulge through my pants. “Well Doctor, I want more of you. I’ll be contacting you from time to time and, when I do, you will make yourself available to me.” She screamed “Get out of here, now!” “OK, I’ll leave, just let me forward this email to your husband first.” I took out my phone and recited her husband’s email address out loud as I typed it into my phone. “There, now I just have to hit ‘Send.’” She stood up from her desk and screamed desperately “Stop! Don’t! What . . . what do you want with me.” I smiled and said “Those big, beautiful Indian breasts of yours, I didn’t get to see them last time. I’d love to see them now!” “My . . . my breasts. You want to see my breasts?” “Yes and NOW!”

Knowing she had no choice, she reluctantly stepped around in front of her desk, and with her eyes looking down to the ground, she began to unbutton her sheer white blouse. As she slowly worked her way through the buttons, she revealed a lacy, white camisole underneath her blouse. “Hand me your blouse!” I demanded. She finished with the buttons, pulled her open blouse from out of her skirt, reluctantly slid it off, and handed it to me. “Now take your camisole off and hand it to me.” She slowly pulled her camisole off, revealing her pretty bra, and handed it to me. The site of her huge C-cups resting inside her lacy beige bra caused semen to flow from my penis, wetting the front of my pants. I think she noticed the stain. “Now, let me have your bra!” She pleaded, “Please! Please don’t! I’m begging you!” “Do it now or the video goes to your husband!” She slowly, reluctantly, turned away from me, reached behind her back, opened her bra, and slid it off. She turned back around with her bra in one hand and the other hand attempting to cover her bare breasts. When she handed me her bra I noticed how warm it was and that it smelled like her. The tag on her bra read “35 C.” As she stood in front of me, nude from the waist up, attempting to cover her breasts, I opened my pants and revealed my erection to her. The sight of the tool I used to violate her previously made her shudder. I stroked myself in front of her, using her bra. I could tell she was horrified and disgusted by the sight. “On your knees, now!” “Please don’t! Not again!”
I think she expected me to put it in her mouth again. But, instead, I opened her crossed arms to fully reveal her bare Indian breasts, inserted my penis between them, and squeezed them together. The warmth of her firm breasts squeezed against my erect penis caused a huge amount of semen to flow out. It lubricated her chest and the insides of her breasts. I began to thrust up and down between her breasts as I squeezed them tightly together. “Has your husband ever ‘titty fucked’ you like this?” “Of course not, he would never!” she replied. I continued thrusting up and down, faster and faster. I knew I wouldn’t last long. I felt that familiar tingle and tightness between my legs, I moaned, and began to spasm! The first several spasms jetted a massive quantity of sperm all over Dr. Nausheen’s chest and face. She closed her eyes and mouth due to the spray on her face. I just continued to spasm all over the front of her. It seemed to go on forever. It eventually stopped and I looked down to see Dr. Nausheen’s breasts in my hands, covered in my sperm, and her beautiful face glazed in my seed. Several jets of sperm had landed in her dark, beautiful hair. I snapped a couple photos with my phone to add to my collection. I closed my pants, put her bra in my pocket and walked out of her office saying “I’ll be visiting you again sometime soon!”

I looked back as I walked out to she beautiful Dr. Nausheen kneeling in front of her desk, nude from the waist up, plastered in my seed, quietly sobbing. I can’t help but think she was wondering “When will he visit me again and what will he do? Will this ever end?” I already had something in mind for my next visit!

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  • I cannot bear the nasty and horrible comments being left by so many men on this site indicating they are enjoying me ongoing violations. I am being treated like a common whore by this man and no one should enjoy reading about it, much less orgasm while reading about it. Please stop! - Nausheen.

  • I beat off all the time thinking about Dr. Nausheen on her knees and her tits being used for sex! I'm actually cumming right now!

  • I am sure those big, dark Indian tits looked great covered in your glistening white cum load!

  • Please read "Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Receives Unwanted Anal - Parts 1 and 2" and enjoy how Nausheen is being violated!

  • Never heard such garbage in my life as if a indian woman is beautiful or deserving of being called a doctor?

  • This Indian whore deserves it!

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