Watching Exhibitionist Wife.

My sexy wife use to love exposing her sexy 5-8,110 lb 34C-24-35 body to both friends and strangers an I loved watching. And it was even hotter if she tried to seduce them. One of my favorite experiences we had along these lines was on a trip out of town she had ordered a pizza and was planning on answering the door in a garter belt & stockings and a see thru housecoat left open in the front.

She had her outfit laid out on the bed and after touching up her make-up was about to put it on. When there was a knock on the door. She peeked out and it was the pizza guy. He'd gotten there way quicker than expected. I went out on the balcony to watch figuring she'd put on the housecoat. But instead she just stepped into a pair of spiked heels and answered the door totally nude. She stayed behind the door as she ask him to come in an told him to sit it on the table, which was across the room.

He sat the pizza down and when he turned around there was my hot 21-yo wife nude except for her spiked heel's.She goes over and bends over so her nice ass was sticking up in the air and firm young tits were hanging down. This guy who looked to be in about his mid 40's. I could tell he was really enjoying the show. She had told him she didn't expect him so quick with the delivery and said she was just getting ready to put her cloths on.

When he replied that he was getting ready to go home so was making her delivery since it was on his way. I saw a little glint in her eye an she ask if he had to go back to work and he said no he'd gotten off for the night. I knew what she had in her mind. An sure enough she turned an walked toward him with a sexy look on her face.

As she reached him she handed him the money and told him she was so sorry she didn't have money for a tip. An before he could say anything ran her fingers over his chest down to his belt buckle an looking at him very seductive said that there was something she could give him for a tip if he wanted and started to unbuckle his belt. He didn't say anything but just started cupping her firm tits & sucking on them.

I was so turned on I had my cock out stroking it as I watched my wife drop to her knees an start sucking this total strangers thick cock as he was telling her how sexy she was an talking about how long it had been since he'd had his dick sucked. Saying his wife wouldn't do it. An commented about how good Lynn was at it. An she gave him a sexy look an told him it was because she sucked cock when ever she could so she'd had lot's of practice.

Then he started asking how old she was the 1st time she sucked a guy off an how old was the guy and all kinds of questions. It seemed hearing about her sex life was turning him on as much as having her hot mouth wrapped around his cock. An it was turning me on too. I'm out there an i'm stroking my cock like crazy my pants down around my ankles.

Finally he'd had all he could handle and shot such a load it was coming out of the sides of her mouth dripping on her tits. I'm stroking my cock like crazy. The guy wasted no time in pulling his pants up an seemed to be in a real hurry to go. Thanking her and saying how great that was. As I shot a huge load all over the window. As he's going out the door I hear the door to the balcony open an hear a woman's voice an knew she was coming out I open the door and step in just as he's closing the door going out.

I was hard again in no time and we fucked like crazy. I was turned on by what I'd seen but also what I'd heard and by almost litteraly getting caught with my pants down. An still wonder what I'd have done if he hadn't left so quickly.Let the woman catch me jerking off or go in an let him know I'd been watching. I'm thinking I'd have gone in because he really wasn't in a place to say anything. After all he'd just gotten a blowjob from my wife.But the 2 women in the room next door looked like cougars.


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  • My wife loves to tease men. When we ride down the highway she is always flashing truck drivers with her bare tits. When we stay at a hotel she always leaves the curtains open as she walks around naked. She love walking around with sheer blouses and no bra. All of this flashing of the flesh and to my knowledge she has only fucked four men since we have been married. You would think it would have been dozens.

  • My virgin fiancée also leaves the curtains open and walks around naked, when she stays at a hotel. She likes wearing short skirts and no panties, whenever she’s in public, too, and “accidentally” opens her legs.

  • So you can really appreciate what a turn on this is for us. We use to have a car with t-tops an when on a trip we'd take them out an Lynn would open up her dress and would only be wearing a garter & stockings. Giving truck drivers or people in tall van's,trucks or SUV's a great view of her hot body.

  • Your one lucky dude. Your wife sounds hot and getting to watch her work another guys cock is so hot. Would have been sweet if he was very young and hung. Maybe wife would have fucked Jim good

  • Glad you enjoyed our experience. I can assure you she fucked lot's of guy's both young & old. One of which was our age with a nice 10 1/2 inch cock who could have easily been a porn star.

  • Nice, love it

  • How disgusting.

  • Then why did you read it ? As you can see from other replies there are quite a few couples who enjoy this lifestyle. And we never had anyone who seemed the least bit offended. Was quite the opposite of course our experiences were in the 70's & 80's and a lot of people seemed to be more open minded and into the swinger,wife swapping & sharing and related things like exhibitionist / voyeurism experience's. Back then if someone ran through a fast food joint or something like that people would laugh and police looked at it as a teenage prank , college hazing, or if they were older someone trying to relive there youth . And told them to put on there cloth's and not to do that again. Of course if it was really hot girl's they talked to them first then told them to put on there cloth's and tried to get there number. Now people would be outraged and the police would lock them up and call them pervert,s & they'd have to register as sex offender's. Yet you had no where near the violence back then. Not as many gang's,you never heard of school shootings and no one knew what the term active shooter was. You had comunes but very few cult's like waco. People believed in free love. Not free money and benafit's for illegal immigrants , drug addict's etc. And we are the one's looked on as disgusting.

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