I just can’t resist assertive men

This first happened to me when I was I was in my mid 30s when I attended a house party; the boys were still at college, so around 18 – 19, they were strong and athletic, so had no problem in making me submit to their will. I enjoyed being restrained whilst they used me like a slut. I often fantasize about it when making love with my husband; my orgasms are so intense when I do this.

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    can anyone give me the answers

  • Get with me now. amasterdaddy on yahoo. I will cum deep inside of you

  • My first wife introduced me to this kind of thing. She used to like me to tie her naked to the bed posts and blind fold her while a group of men we had selected would line up to take their turn with her. Her best perfomances were with two or three men at the same time. We had these parties once per month.

  • I hope you charged for the service by gee I wish I had a wife like that it would be like having a gold mine our parties would be every week

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