Married my ex-wife's best friend

I got divorced in March of this year. It was nasty, with big compromises in finances and a legal battle over custody of our two kids. Lots of attorneys involved. I took a financial beating.

During the time that things were going to hell, I'd chat with my ex-wife's best friend Nora. I'd known her for eight years, but only as my wife's best friend. She is recently divorced and we were always friends too, and things started to deepen.

We started dating and then started fucking. A lot. She didn't say anything about it to my ex-wife, as she knew that would kill their 15 year friendship. Well, it ended up being a surprise when the custody case was closed in court. I was granted the kids full-time, and my ex-wife learned that I was married to Nora at that time. My ex-wife flipped out when she found out about that I'd married her best friend, but fuck her. Nora and I will raise the kids. I think it is somewhat amusing that my ex-wife's best friend is now our stepmom.

Nora and my ex-wife are no longer friends, but Nora is much better pussy. I may have lost some money, but things are better otherwise.

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  • Oh I paid very dearly by the time my divorce was done. Then I had to keep paying for years even though I had the kids. The American way I guess? I'd been thru hell with that insanely jealous witch. I married someone she knew very well. My wife is a blond bombshell that loves sex. First woman I ever knew that my ex never challenged with her big mouth. It felt pretty dang good knowing my ex was seething with jealously with what she got replaced with.

  • Awesome!!!!!! I’ve been sleeping with my ex wife’s sister and daughter cause they need money. Somet8mes I even have my ex on the phone while I’m banging them

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