Ready to serve

I'm waiting for my domme to arrive. My friend introduced her to me. I'm a 24 yr old female sub. I'm bisexual but tend to enjoy submitting to women more. This domme is coming over to my condo in about two hours.

She's given clear instructions for her arrival. My makeup is done , hair flowing , perfume strong . Wearing a tight white button up blouse with no bra letting my nipples poke through. A very short tight black skirt with no underwear . Thigh high black stockings with 5 inch high heeled pumps.

All the curtains are drawn shut. All the lights off with only a few candles illuminating the living room. The AC set cold. She's given a list of items to be laid on the living room coffee table which I have fulfilled .
Dog collar and leash
Cotton rope
Ball gag
Adjustable nipple clamps
Riding crop
Butt plug
Bottle of oil

I am extremely excited . By the time she gets here I must kneel by the door to greet her. This is going to be fun ;)

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  • Dream big hon

  • That didn't hsppem

  • My god what a boring fantasy to wrote about. Like a worser 50 shades. 😴

  • Agreed

  • How did it go?

  • How did it go? It didn't go. It's FAKE NEWS!

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