Pay Back

My marriage and sex life turned sour. My husband all he wants is for me to peg him and tug his cock at the same time on a weekly basis. I'm thinking of getting revenge for not pleasing me. Making him a cuck. My lovers would be my son and his buddy. They are in their early 20's. I have seen their penis's. They're bigger and nicer looking than my husband's dick. I like to have my husband catch me in bed with them. Tell him if he wants me to continue pegging and tugging him that I want my boys here be my lovers and him a cuck. Tell my husband to lick their cocks after its been in me. To have him sit and watch them please me and watch them stick their dicks down my throat. Have my husband jerk them until I have their baby making seeds on me and him cleaning off the seeds with his tongue and mouth. To have him suck off their cocks until his mouth is full of their cum. Give the guys head as I face sit them.

I know I could entice my adult son in sexual play. They commented on how my ass looked. Once my son pressed himself against my butt and me being naughty flashed my boobs to my son's buddy. If my husband doesn't agree, then our marriage is over.

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  • I will be your new husband ;)

  • The relationship you have with your son makes me yukki. I have often fantasies about having sex with our son (he's 19). I know he has spied on me since he was 12/13. I hope you do your son!

  • To cuckold him you really need to lock him in a chastity device (cock cage) then you will be in total control.
    I discussed chastity with my husband and eventually he agreed I ordered a clear, plastic cock cage with internal lock, a bit expensive but well worth it for lengthy, comfortable wear, once I had him shaved and cleaned and it went on he thought I would release him whenever he wanted, what a shock, Every Sunday I cuff him behind and put a leg spreader on before I unlock him, shave, clean and masturbate but only to precum then he is locked again, I have not let him orgasm for five weeks now not sure when I will but he is very docile and does exactly as I wish, I have a young stud from work as my lover, it is so great

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