Beautiful 41 year old step daughter

My stepdaughter 41 every time I see her I cant help but thinking of her naked having sex with me she has a wonderful tight body small breasts fantastic little ass imagine her pussy is so tight.
Just the thought of her riding me gets me so hard more than her mother ever did.

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  • My stepdaughter is 35, I am 46. Yes, my wife is 15 years older than me. So I'm closer to my stepdaughters age than my wife's.

    My stepdaughter is ver promiscuous around me. Early on when I was 27 and she was 16, she would walk around the house in just her bra and panties in front of me when she and I were home alone.

    By the time she was 21 she had moved out and was back living with us again. This time she walked around the house completely naked. She told me to cover my eyes. Ha.

    By the time she was 30 years old, she had married a guy, moved out, split up with the guy, moved back home, and had to spend 90 days in county jail. She asked me to go through her things and put them in boxes for safe keeping. She also asked me to backup all her pictures and videos on her phone. I was shocked when I found lots of nude photos and sex videos of her and her ex on her phone.

    Needless to say, I have seen more of my stepdaughter than any stepfather should probably see. Yes I masturbated to the photos and video, but we have never had sex. After watching her in those videos, I would most definitely like to though. God damn that girl knows how to suck and fuck way better than her mother.

  • Leave her alone you queer prick

  • Spoken like a person who isn't getting laid

  • She's your step-daughter, so you got nothing to worry about there. If you think she'll have you, as her out to dinner. Express your feelings, and hopefully you'll be going back to one of your places to have some incredible sex!

  • There was a lot of eye contact think she would fuck If given the right opportunity

  • Then make a move on it. Nothing hotter than a mid 40’s woman having sex with her mature dad or step dad.

  • Id love to make several moves on her sweet tight body lovely pert breasts lovely smile mouth get my drift.
    See how she compares to her mom.

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