OMG I caught my husband with 2 guys!!!!!

I caught him sucking another man's dick and getting fucked and I think it's hilarious. I can't believe it and when I caught them I hid and watched and for some reason I was laughing hysterically trying not to be found out.

We went to a big party out of town that friends have every year on their property. everyone was camping out so we could all drink and have fun till late. We were hanging around the bonfire with people, I knew things were flirty with him and a few girls, myself I was flirting with some guys but we have never cheated before, at least I think not.

We all had a good time until we went to our tents. I had a few too many so I fell asleep pretty fast. I woke up a bit later and he wasn't there. I got up and walked around the tent area looking for him until I saw a light on in a shed. I thought he might be in there smoking pot or something so I went to open the door and I heard moaning. I looked in the window and there he was, my husband taking dicks in both ends. OH My Fucking God!!!! I didn't even know the other guys but they were at the fire I think

I didn't know what to do so I watched through the window. He was sucking that dick like a pro and taking a giant cock in his ass. I was floored, I went numb and thought I would pass out but then I started laughing like a crazy woman. I had to bite my lips and dig my nails into my hip to keep from bursting out loud. I have no idea why is was so funny to me. I was equally horrified and turned on, I even masturbated a bit until I though I might be seen by someone. I went back to the tent and had an orgasm very quickly and powerfully I was so wet, I wanted all of them to come back to the tent and fuck me.

I'm waiting for the right time to trap him with what I know. Right now I'm thinking I'll make him do it in front of me and get them to do me. He'll probably freak out. too bad, I'm freaking out. I'm so angry yet so turned on I can't explain it. I had no idea he even wanted to do this, liked guys, liked anal sex and sucking men, I'm astonished and shocked


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  • Gay guy's fantasy.

  • That's fucking disgusting. Fucking gay or bisexual men puts you at way high risk of contracting HIV, or some other STD, and you don't even seem to care?

  • Why should I care, if he used condoms? I think it's hot and I damn sure think he does too. I want to see him fucked by multiple men, and I think he wants that too. What is the problem?

  • Still haven't told him I saw but I have been using my dildos overtime thinking about it. He's come home late a couple of nights since, I can only imagine he's out getting cock. I want to watch so bad. I want to see him gang banged and humiliated, facialized and submit to a large group of men.

    Is this anger? I can't tell or is it a turn on? so confused

  • It's probably a little bit of both. Turned on and confused. I know having my wife catch me with another man was the best thing that ever happened for our marrage. Now we have sex way more then ever before, except for now there is another msn or two involved. Biggest turn ever now is me fucking my wife while a guy fuck my ass. Or when there is two othe guys and I can kay beside my wife while we both get fuck, the switch partners.

  • I am a gay male and I am having sex with a LOT of married, straight acting men. They like to submit to me and take my dick, some psychological thing I am sure.

  • I had no idea. I though straight guys were terrified of being perceived as gay. You're telling me they lust for cocks? I mean, I lust for other women but we're kind of given that, I had no idea my husband would go that way. Should I leave him alone or try to bring it home for sharing?

  • I cannot speak for all straight men. I meet them behind closed doors and am 100% discreet, so they are not perceived as gay. I can only say I have had many that were curious and wanted to try it, I am not saying they all lust for cocks. I think any relationship benefits from honesty but you need to figure out how you really feel about it before you confront him.

  • Im confused now but I'm also extremely turned on by knowing he takes cock. I don't know why. I want to see him gangbanged so badly, I know thats risky and maybe impossible to arrange but thats my fantasy and maybe not his. I'm going to follow him next time he goes out without me

  • For some reason I'd have a MAJOR problem if my husband cheated on me with another woman, but if he did it with another man I don't think I would mind. I'm not sure what that dynamic is.

  • Wouldd you want to see it, get involved?

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