I loved it

My friend had been asking me for sex a lot and I push him away, I was not into him sexually. I'm single so is he, I'm not getting laid and neither is he. He begged me to let him eat my pussy, I got turned on, it's been almost a year since I had sex. I made him agree this would be a 1 time thing, that I would let him eat me and I would suck his cock, we both cum, and it's over.We went to his apartment and got right into the nasty. I was so surprised at his oral sex talent, he was the best pussy eater I ever experienced, in fact he had me spewing pussy juices like never before. I watched him lick up every drop, he loved my wet hairy pussy. He gave me a cum , damn good one at that. It was my turn to take him on, I gave him my best shot at sucking his small dick, I really wasn't into fucking him and now that I see his cock is small, well I'm not into little cocks but I kind of liked sucking a small cock. I was getting into it, going fast and hard on him and in a short time he was cumming in my mouth and he had a lot of cum. I didn't know it at first but I swallowed most of it much to his liking. I liked it too, kind of weird for me I'm prudish but I can be slutty too. The next weekend came and I wanted to suck his cock, I wanted to feel his load shooting in my mouth, and I wanted him to eat me again. We were back at his place sucking away and I asked him to fuck me. I never saw him so happy. I never had such hard orgasms from oral sex. I really want a giant cock in me though and he just can't give that to me, but I do like the oral sex with him as long as he's into it I'll do oral sex with him almost anytime.

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  • I know this can ruin friendships but if you have a good friend from the opposite sex, I have no idea why you wouldn't at least test the waters with this conversation, especially if you're both in a dry spell.

    I'm a 32 yr old male, one of my best friends is a 28 yr old female. She broke up with her boyfriend in march, I finalized my divorce in January. In may, since neither of us had had any sex in a couple months, we went for drinks and then went back to my home and had guilt-free sex. It was great. we've done it three other times since then too. No guilt, worries, anything. It was great.

  • Keep letting him eat your pussy, you said you like how he does it. You can suck his dick to repay him like you have already done. Tell him you want big dicks to fuck. But if you need to have a hot load of cum in your pussy and don't have a big dick there is nothing wrong with fucking him. Just be honest. He might even eat your pussy real good for you right before you get your big dick to fill you up. You might even have or let him ass fuck you with his small dick, I bet he would love that.

  • Just be careful that he doesn't get too attached. Before I found my steady bf, I used to give a lot of other guys bj's and stuff, and they often fell for me emotionally.

  • Explain it to him since you are friends. Say we can be suck friends but I'll be getting stuffed with large cock. He should be able to handle it. If not what do you lose right?

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