It felt good

When I was a preteen I had some friends that, when we were looking at porn magazines, and we got horney we compared our hard dicks. One thing led to another and then I was jacking them off. Later that day each of them got me alone and they talked me into sucking them off. I was surprised when I got my first taste of cum being pumped in my mouth, but I swallowed it.
This went on for months and I enjoyed the times I got to suck the guys dicks and even started doing it when we were in a group. Sucking each dick around the circle, letting each guy cum in my mouth. It didn’t matter the size of the dick, I wanted to suck each one until it would give me my reward.
One night at a sleepover one night while I was sucking on one friend, one of the other guys told me that he wanted to fuck my ass. I knew I enjoyed sucking them so I might as well see if I would enjoy letting him do it, I agreed to try it. I sucked on him and got him hard and he slowly started pushing it into my ass. He wasn’t big so it didn’t take long and he was completely inside of me and pumping away. I enjoyed the feeling of my new pleasure. He pumped away until I felt him start pumping his cum inside of me.
I started taking the guys two at a time after that. The guys would let me suck them, or fuck my ass for years. When their girlfriends wouldn’t please them they would always come looking for me.
I love everything about being with a woman, but to this day I still enjoy sucking on a hard dick, or feeling one shooting cum deep inside of my ass.

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  • I too love women and girls and I would love being dressed up in all my ladies underwear and have a special pair of panties with a hole cut out in the bottom so I could wear them while still having a cock up my ass, and be on my hands and knees sucking a delicious cock while having one fucking my right ass. To feel both of these cocks squirting their hot cum inside me at the same time would be awesome.

  • OMG I want it too!!

  • I had a fifteen year old boy cumming in my taught, tight, fresh little ass when I was nine. He was relatively small and it made for a painless experience that I soon learned to enjoy.

  • I enjoyed being the go to guy back then, and they enjoyed using me for their cum dump. My only problem was that I didn’t want to have to choose between them shooting loads of cum down my throat, or them shooting it inside of my ass.
    I enjoyed the feeling of them fucking my ass and when they did I also got to enjoy the feeling of their cum leaking out of me later. But there is nothing like the pleasure I get from feeling a dick getting hard in my mouth, playing with their balls as I try to take them down my throat. Teasing them until they start shooting hot cum in my mouth, trying to swallow every drop.

  • I had the same experiences as you. I had a friend who went to elementary school stay over. He brought a stash of his fathers cock mags. Playboy and Penthouse. We ended up naked and masturbating looking at the books. Then he said If I would stroke him he would me. We did that. Then he said how about if you like lick me and suck my cock I will do yours. So I did but he decided not to return the favor. It was too late cause he ejaculated in my mouth. I enjoyed it a lot. His penis was about two or three inches bigger than mine. I got married and never told my lovely sexy wife what I did cause I was afraid she wouldn't understand. She soon grew tired of my small penis and began to sleep with other men behind my back. I found what I was looking for with other men. Who treated me decently and didn't judge or put me down. They helped me find love and I'm now with the same man for nearly 25 years.

  • I also had a friend that would suck a dick beside me, until the guys started coming in our mouth. He didn’t want anyone to come in his mouth so everybody started lining up in front of me. I loved making them cum. I enjoyed learning how to make a guy last a long time when his hard dick felt good in my throat, and I could also suck them just right so that they would cum quickly.
    Being young men I would usually have them cum quickly the first time just so I could get my first taste of cum for the day.
    When he stopped sucking dicks I didn’t understand, but I was happy because it gave me more dicks to enjoy.

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