She gave me a release

I know I'm fucked up for it, but the truth is I REALLY have the hots for my aunt. She's a very attractive cougar in her 50s, looks much younger than she has the right to, but most importantly she is the kind of woman I have a serious fetish for: she was a wonderful, huge pair of natural tits. Picture those asian porn actresses with unnaturally big boobs. That's the type.
And not only do I have the hots for her... she's aware of it too. I drunkedly confessed to it during a party at my cousin's (her daughter) house, and she often teased me about it.
Except that during a family reunion one day, she asked to get something from one of the room upstairs. I was delayed looking for it, enough time for her to catch up with me and lock the door. She ordered me to take off my pants and before I could even say anything, she said she wanted to punish her husband in the worst possible way for cheating on her. I just gave in.
I fucked her intensely against the wall. She teased me about being a pervert for fucking my own aunt, and I think she came shortly after I called her a whore. She had me cum inside of her, I don't think I've ever orgasmed so hard in my life.
After we were done, she sucked my dick clean, got dressed, told me to get out and warned me this was a one-time thing. I just nodded. This was almost a month ago, I've been jerking off to that ever since. I want to do it again, but I don't think she would be open to the idea...


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  • Wish I had a nephew like you !

  • Go and fuck her forbidden fruit tastes nicer

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