Pig ugly

I fucked a pig ugly looking woman from work and to this day it has been a fuck to remember.
She had one super fine looking pussy and it tasted so so sweet, perfect shape and size breasts and I’ve never experienced wetness like she got.
Shame she was pig ugly looking!

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  • Well I've been called a butter face many many times. But men still have sex with me. So I think she was probably happy to get it just like I would have been.

  • Gotta make up for them being ugly. I’ve seen a few ok girls with a killer body, whether it’s tits or ass. If they don’t have a nice body either, they’ll have that wild slutty personality to make up for both.

  • The ugliest or craziest of people have the best sex, I swear.

  • They say dont look at the mantelpiece when your pokeing the fire. But i bet your an arrogant piece off shit and coild knot score in a brothel with a fist full off dollars. Your a low life piece off crap. With the intellagence off a fucking smartie.your lower than a snakes fucking belly. Who.are you.? Tom cruise or something and i bet that girl woke up saying to her friends i woke up beside some ugly bastard and he had a small dick and sure it was late and i needed a laufgh. Your first class moron..

  • If you're gonna throw shade at someone about intelligence... make sure you spell the word correctly. I know what Santa is getting you for Christmas... A bloody dictionary.

  • Someone didn’t pay attention at school, dreadful spelling and grammar

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