Doing neighbor's hotwife

I've been fucking my hotwife neighbor Carolyn for the last 3 months. It's a problem because I'm 20 and have been happily married for just 6 months and my wife has no clue. It started when my neighbor Tim and I were talking across the fence when we were doing yard work. He and his wife Carolyn are in their mid 50s. He mentioned they had been married for 30 years and pointed over to his wife, who was crouched down doing some gardening, and said "she still looks good, doesn't she?" To me she looked her age, but she does stay reasonably fit. She's got the whole gray/brown mix to her hair, small saggy boobs, wide hips and a pancake ass. Her face is still quite attractive.

Tim said that he and his wife used to play a bit with others, but hadn't done it in over a decade, and asked if either me and/or my wife would be interested in joining them. I said my wife would fucking kill all of us if I even brought up the topic, but that yeah, at my age my dick was always hard and even though my wife is awesome and we have sex 3 or 4 times a week, I crave it twice a day at least. He said just give us a holler when you are ready and we'll have some drinks and see where it goes. He mentioned that his wife thought I looked great.

Well, a couple of weeks later my wife was at work and I took the day off and gave Tim a ring. He said come over. We had some drinks, talked about likes/dislikes, and an hour later I was fucking Carolyn doggy while she was giving Tim head. I swear her ass was so flat that it could have doubled as a coffee table. But she was a majorly hot fuck and we had a great time, even did dp. I loved her nasty mouth. We've had repeat sessions at least once a week, sometimes more. It's getting hard to hide these appointments from my wife.

My wife is 100+ times better looking than Carolyn, so what I'm doing doesn't make much sense, but it's like a drug. Carolyn is old but really good. My wife is young and very good, but not nearly as kinky. Fucking both of them is perfect.

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  • Just keep enjoying. I’m sure the couple will cover for you.

  • Tell us more about the DP...did you feel his balls on you while you fuvked? Did you try a DV??

  • We do dp just about every time. Most of the time, but not all, I'm on the bottom in her pussy while her husband is in her ass. I feel his legs around mine and sometime his balls, and he's jizzed on me and vice versa, but when everyone is that close it's kind of inevitable.

  • Fucking strangers is a major dopamine rush, and just like drugs that increase dopamine, it can be very addictive. Most likely, you can not stop fucking them, even if you wanted, so just enjoy it. Eventually your wife will find out and she will either join in the fun, or leave you. Have gun, and good luck.

  • You’ll get a dopamine rush, if you can make my virgin fiancée cheat. You’ll love how it feels taking her virginity, knowing that she’s with me.

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