Coffee stand

My husband and his buddies keep going to one of those bikini coffee stand's. It started getting to me , I mean why go ? Most say I'm better looking and have a way better body. Well it finally got to the point that I Said something. His friends and him said that they're not naked it's no big deal. I decided to go and see for myself. The girl was wearing propellers over her nipples and tiny little thong underwear. No big deal huh. So I went to the dollar store , and made my own propellers. When his friends were over waiting for him to get home from work. I called him and gave him a huge shopping list to get on the way. I put the propellers on and my skimpiest ,tiniest
, hottest underwear on grabbed a few beers and took them out to the guy's. They just stared in disbelief. They at first didn't know what to do or say. I said I'm not naked right it's no big deal. I'm sure john will be ok with it. Still they didn't say anything. I handed out a beer to each of them. I then asked them if they thought maybe I could get a job at the coffee stand , then walked back to the house. It was exhilarating I it was so exciting there's no words to describe it. I went back two more times before I changed into my regular clothes. When he got home I said to the guy's maybe we should keep it a secret. They all agreed. When he was carrying in the groceries one of them said to me that he quote ( never wanted to fuck someone as much as he wants me right now ) they all nodded their heads. Today is Friday let's see what happens over the weekend.

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  • For the past four months my husbands friends always tease me to no end about my rather large nipples all because of my sons who are 13 and 11who still nurse on me before bed time. Well it takes about three hours before my nipples go down to normal size and at times they will even drip when I'm not completely drained that's when I get teased a lot.

    Well as it would be it happened one Saturday evening after the boys went to bed and as before my nipples were rather huge and being braless I started in getting teased by two of my husbands friends and when I went into the kitchen to refill their drinks one came up behind me and took hold of my breasts and began kneading them and playing with my nipples and it got to me so quickly I leaned back against him and moaned that's when he went beneath my blouse and took hold of them bare. The next thing I knew I was getting nursed upon by him and I felt my milk drop and he went wild sucking on them and squirting the other on his face.
    The next thing I know I'm holding his head to my breasts telling him what a good boy he is and don't stop, well it ended up we had sex for six hours the following day when he came over and my husband was bowling so he wouldn't be home till late and Juan came and kept me company really kept me company for he has a bit more length than hubby but a whole lot more thickness and stamina which I have grown to love. Yes I love his hard cock in me and I have told him so many times as we're making love. The first time when he was about to cum he asked if I was on the pill and I told him no and he was about to pull out and I said cum in me and I wrapped my legs around him and held hum tight as he pressed his hard cock deep in me and filled me with his cum, Since then he's always cum in me trying to get me preggy but my tubes are tied which he don't know.

  • Why are you posting your confession on someone else's ?

  • What? A lot of people do this and it is an interesting confession, that we can read "now" instead of waiting several days for it to post.

  • Piss off and do your own post, OH dear you have to wait a while to see it , too bad.

  • Gang bang!

  • Hey, it's the BBQ writer. cool

  • Wow, I would love to hear an update... how many of these guys are there? And two are married? What is happening now, are you full of their cum at this very moment?

  • Yes I'm married, their his buddies. There is 5 of them. Things are so stupid and out of hand now.

  • Like how??? What are you doing with them??

  • It's like they just can't leave me alone now. Every minute my husband is not standing right there they're hands are all over me. They are sending me naked pics all the time. They wait for him to leave and try to bang me every time literally every time. It's to a point where I don't even get dressed when he leaves for work because I know someone is going to be pounding at my door and coming in to have sex with me.

  • Thank you... yes, I know you are married, how many of the buddies are married and cheating on their wives?

  • 3 of them are married

  • I knew you were lying, your one person talking to yourself.

    "Two of them are married and they are all sitting in the front yard and texting me that they know that I'm home."

    It's gone from 2 to 3. Get your story straight before making up crap.

  • I thought the same. She/he said 2 earlier

  • Well I'm not lying at all , the problem that it has grown . They've been talking to others

  • Darling consenting once, twice or one hundred times does not mean they can fuck you whenever, if you don't want it tell them no, no means no, then it is rape but I don't think you want this to stop now, do you ?

  • This is not what I was thinking was going to happen ever. What am I doing what am I becoming how to stop this craziness ????????

  • Darling that is so very difficult, you are going to have to threaten that you are going to the police to claim they raped you, that is your only way out that I can see (hope others have better advise) just maybe that will scare them off not wanting their wives to find out and possibly be taken into custody for questioning.
    I really feel for you Darling all the best xxxx

  • I appreciate your sentimental and straight forward statements. I cannot go to the police especially since it has been a few times. Maybe that would have worked day 1 but not now. I will have to come up with a plan I have to get it across their heads that we can not do this all the time. Maybe if we slowly get back to normal then stop it won't be as much of an ordeal.

  • I was in the same situation two years ago and the way I handled it was getting all four of the guys to come over at the same time getting nude and telling them this is the last time you can do anything you want to me sexually.

    Well when the week end ended only one remained and he must have fucked both my ass and my puss six times and yes he happened to be single and had the biggest cock of everyone and kept telling me as he kissed me that he couldn't stand the thought of going thru life without having me again and gave me a full opened mouth kiss as he continued to fuck my pussy Oh god what am I to do the thought kept rolling thru my head just then Tim started in cumming in me once again and it happened I had a massive orgasm on him and my legs were trembling and Tim kissed me telling me how can you go thru life without having orgasms like you just did. I kissed him and told him I ca- can -cant and kissed him again.

  • Tell them you think your husband suspects something and you just need to cool it for a while... drag out the time... still go a couple more times to keep them calm, but with longer time gaps in between. Also, claiming you have a bladder infection and need to refrain from sex, and implying they are the cause of it is another idea.

  • Be really good if you could have a giant sloppy shit when one was in your arse and another under you licking your pussy, preferably not in your house.

  • I am sure you are in big trouble darling these guys are just going to expect more and more, you might like it at the moment but for sure they will start taking chances and really could not give a shit if your husband finds out, just wait a while till they start demanding for you to meet them or open your home whenever they want, for sure they will start videoing proceedings to have a nice file on you if you play up on them, one thing is certain they will start fucking you in the arse then have you suck them off it is the worst humiliation when you have to swallow some of your shit mixed with their cum, you will certainly get quite ill from the effect.
    Don't think your husband will not find out, after they are sick of you or you don't comply to their every demand they will ensure everybody in town knows about your cheating but will keep each other out of it.
    All your holes are going to be sore after every encounter better enjoy it won't last long xxxxx

  • It's happening like you have said. What can I do ????

  • If you want it to stop, or just take a pause, just tell them you need to pause so your hubby doesn't find out. If you want to come harder than ever again (and again), you need to take control. You need to tell them that they can have you again, but it has to be on your terms. That you will decide when and where and they have to agree to keep it secret. That way you can have this last longer and you can keep having that incredible sex. I would suggest that they get a hotel room for your gangbangs rather then having them in your home, where you are more likely to get caught. And keep sharing with us so we can live vicariously.

  • My cell phone and my work phone are ringing off the hook today. The guys are going crazy

  • Are you wet?

  • Well you started it so don't complain, your bum is going to be burning again soon, your hubby is going to find out you little slut.

  • Hopefully your wrong

  • Well we will see won't we, you little sluts always get caught I hope he walks in while you have one in your cunt one up your arse and one in your mouth

  • What advice would you give to a wife who fantasizes about fucking her husband's friends? My husband has mentioned it too, but I worry a bit about taking the plunge.

  • It was never my intention to it. I was scared. In the beginning of all this I just wanted to get back at him. After yesterday and I've had time to reflect on the treatment and the shear lust these men had for me. I honestly don't think it's possible to have a greater sexual experience . I think I'm trying to say is that try it and see. do it differently than I did try to have an open mind and hopefully it will work out for you.

  • Hi Darling, the guys know you are terrified for hubby to find out you have been flirting/sexting and asking them in when he is not there let alone having them grope you and push fingers in your arse, incidently do you normally take it in the bum ?
    These guys are just into the initial stages of obtaining a nice slut that they can do whatever and whenever they like and darling you know so very well it is you.

  • No taking it in the bum is not a normal thing for me. I shouldn't have let them in yesterday.

  • SO, you let them in, and then what happened? I have always wanted to be with more than one guy, I am living through you and so jealous, please share!

  • I was so so scared. They were knocking on the door and looking through the window. Soon as I unlocked it they started pouring into the house. I ran , made it about 10 feet. They tackled me to the floor. Held me down as they took my clothes off. Then lifted me back to my feet. Their hands their fingers in and on me everywhere. I had never had sex with more than one guy before. they were tearing their own clothes off I could see that they had hard on. We all made it to the bedroom , it's like a blur in my head guy's were taking turns eating me out. I was laying on my back then they started taking turns fucking me. they kept trying to put it up my ass I begged them not to. But eventually a couple of them did. I thought it was over I was laying there panting when they pulled me off the bed onto the floor. I was kneeling they started putting their dicks all over my face and in my mouth. I did what I could but I was exhausted. A couple came. I was put back on the bed and they fucked me again.

  • Did you get off too? Where did the guys cum, and were you on birth control?

  • I have never came harder or more than yesterday. It's an experience I will never forget. I had their cum in me and me everywhere

  • You didn’t intend for this to happen; but it did happen. You say that you feel like a slut or whore; but you say also that you’ll never forget the experience. Cumming more is one thing; but coming harder than ever before life changes you.

    Your understanding of what sex is supposed to be has moved up several levels. That’s going to burrow into your memory and work away at you. It’s going to make you need more of this. I’m guessing that’s why you feel slutty.

    In fact, that side was there all along. It’s just that your husband never got you out like that. No one wants really good sex to stop as soon as they discover it.

  • Now I feel like I'm some kind of a slut or whore this isn't what I intended to happen.

  • Well Darling you are their slut and whore and it is going to happen more and more so get used to it you will start liking it particularly up the arse

  • It burns badly I just want you to know

  • Darling better get used to it and in future I bet at least one will do you in the bum then drop it in your mouth so better keep your arse hole nice and clean.

  • I always keep myself clean. That doesn't help the burning

  • No, use lube, for god sake.

  • Are any of your husband's friends married? I'm just curious. My wife would shit if she found out that I helped to run a train on one of my friends' wives. If I had the opportunity, I wouldn't turn it down either. Slut wives are dreamy.

  • Two of them are married and they are all sitting in the front yard and texting me that they know that I'm home.

  • Are you going to be a good hostess and invite them in for some drinks? I'm sure they will supply the creamer.

  • I let them in

  • Well that's just great isn't it, your a bit of a dope so let us know further what eventuated eh?

  • I shouldn't have open the door. I never wanted to be this kind of a girl.

  • Be honest... which one of his friends have you been wanting to fuck? It’s normal we just want to hear if any of them turns you on. Who knows maybe they know something about your hubby that might give you a green light

  • I don't like one of them more than another. The truth is they're all attractive and are in good shape. I have thought about them individually before but of course never acted on it. They all flirt with me and they all have been sending me private style text messages. Again there's absolutely no way my husband would ever be ok with all this , he's just not like that. I think they are together when sending me text messages. They stopped by a little while ago but I was to afraid to answer the door.

  • I'm a little nervous , today is the first day that I'll be home alone all day. They know it. My husband will be working until after 6pm

  • You just love the outcome don't you, maybe feeling a bit guilty but adore and seek the attention, you really liked it when the guys were playing with you plus sexting didn't you ? you let it happen but they didn't want to go all the way just then since your a tease and are leading them on they know it won't be long and they will be fucking you solid at every opportunity, how is your husband about all of this you better start talking to him otherwise you really could get in the shit probably his friends are giving him minute by minute reports already.
    How does it feel being your husbands friends slut ?
    You will get used to it and we can tell you want it so badly.

  • There's no chance that they have said anything to him. No chance at all

  • 1. How did you get your husband to do the grocery shopping?!? I've been trying unsuccessfully to get mine to do it for years.

    2. You didn't do anything really wrong, but it is a little, well, mean to your husband. I enjoy wearing skimpy outfits around my husband's friends (he has a couple that I fantasize about), but it sounds like you are teasing his friends a little too much, like getting them worked up and all. Guys will interpret that as being that you are going to fuck them. Are you ready to do that?

  • My husband hates shopping as well , but he invited them over so he needed to get some groceries on the way home. I didn't have time during the day. I didn't realize what a response or reaction I was going to get. Things are so far out of control now. I'm getting overwhelmed.

  • While your hubby was shopping, you entertained the guys. You said that ‘something was about to happen.’ Something still is. And I think that this arouses you STILL. You’re proactive. As the guys stared at you ‘in disbelief,’ when they didn’t know what to say or do, you pushed forward!

    Unlike your ‘idiot’ [your word, not mine] husband, you’re remarkably capable. You guide him with ease. You normalize situations simply by moving forward with what you want. You’re an excellent strategist and think quickly on your feet. You turn things to your advantage instantly. You plan, but also set aside those aside as better ideas come to mind.

    You have an innate understanding of sexual power, humiliation, tension, compulsion and helplessness. You’re able to refuse sexual favors to build your husband’s need to unmanageable levels, and then to take great pleasure in his complete helplessness to defend against an onslaught of unbridled, feminine sensuality.

    I think it’s remarkable that already you’re at such a level of understanding. You’re already deciding when and how he has sex. My suggestion for tomorrow [Sunday and hubby’s birthday] is to take more and more power from him.
    I think more changes – many more changes – are in your near future. I’m going to make an offer to you.

    As you develop your womanly power, as you bring your husband, his friends, and other men more and more into their rightful place with you, I offer you the gift of private correspondence. I will always support you in whatever you decide. Along the way, I may have a few ideas that you may find intriguing. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • I did continue to I guess you would say tease the guys over the weekend. Resulting in reactions I wasn't fully prepared to do deal with.

  • As you're seeing, 'teasing' builds expectations that you're ready to 'put out.' If you're not there, some 'cooling off' time may be in order.

    You must be comfortable in your own home, and with your own person. If you say, 'OK guys, we've had some fun ... now it's back to hard reality,' sure, they'll be disappointed. But they should respect that.

    I recommend some time thinking about where [if anywhere] you want things to go, You alone can decide this, and you should not be pressured as you seek to know your own mind on these things.

    I suspect that you could arrange your husband's seduction rather easily. And if that ever happened, he hands you permission to do whatever you want with whomever you want.

    It's fun think about tightening the screws on your husband, certainly. What could be better than getting him so worked up that he compulsively squeals like a child and blows steam from his ears.

    But that doesn't mean that you're ready for another woman to do it, or that you're ready for another man. As the saying goes, sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality, although some will say that reality exceeds the fantasy.

    The bottom line -- you know your situation better than anyone. And whatever happens, you have to deal with whatever consequences follow. As I said, I will support you whatever you decide. Such are my thoughts for now. Take care.

  • What do you think you are some sort of guru ? your a real dickhead this one want's to be fucked and thinks she is better than the girls at the Coffee Stand probably not but holding onto the past and trying to offer a lot more than a great perv so she feels attractive and wanted by her husbands friends, she needs the sexual attention, she want's to be treated like a whore.

  • I needed that advise yesterday , I had to put my foot down so to speak today. I now fear everything has gotten out of control. How did things turn so quickly ? Yesterday the guys straight up pulled my shorts and panties down and lifted up my shirt. so that they could finger me and squeeze my tits , when I bent over to pull my shorts up someone put their fingers up my ass as another held me in the bent over position. I have turned this into a messy sistuation.

  • I'm sorry about this development. I assumed that with your husband's birthday, he would be there along with Brenda and his buddies, and that things wouldn't get out of hand.

    It won't be easy reigning in this thing. Most likely, the guys encourage each other on. I hoping that you can avoid dealing with them as a group. What you're describing isn't safe. It is an assault even if you did offer what they would interpret as an invitation to play.

    They're going to take any thing provocative as an invitation for games. More conservative [dress, behavior, etc.] is probably the order of the day. Carry yourself in a way that suggests some detachment [as if you're really not that well acquainted]. Be aware that they may interpret this as 'playing hard to get.'

    Keep safe.

  • Brenda and all that is someone else who posted on my confession

  • I am the someone else I was talking about taking control of husbands and their friends and how to be so very happily dominant.
    Too late for you girl xxxx
    This clown that is supposed to be giving you the absolute best advise does not appear to comprehend or properly read the replies.

  • And yet the lady states that she 'needed that...' Perhaps if you were more concerned for her than new jerk material ...

  • OH look darling just start enjoying it, think about it you really want this you want to be a slut.

  • A good friend Brenda who works in a strip club that my husband and two of his friends frequent once a week Friday or Saturday night informed me they took turns one an evening to get a blow job and often my husband chose her ( he did not know she was my friend ) she described his prick and balls to a tee and one time ensured she left lipstick under his balls sure enough after he got home I checked and it was there, I was pretty disgusted because everything he needed was at home whenever he needed it.
    One Saturday a few weeks later we had a BBQ and I invited Brenda who turned up looking like a real slut as if she was in the club along with his two friends and their wives she started flirting with the guys they were very uncomfortable and my husband asked if I could get her to leave, I said no way we are going to have a draw later to see who gets a blow job apparently you are all used to it, the guys all shit and soon they all had to leave for one reason or another so I said looks like you win the gobble he was bright red, we went inside and Brenda got on her knees in front of him undoing his pants and gave him a good blowjob while I watched he was so embarrassed.
    Brenda reports that while they still come in to watch the strips and dancers they no longer have any touchies with any of the girls but they still tip her quite well.

  • So did it turn you on at all watching Brenda suck your husband's cock? Did he cum in her mouth?

  • I must admit I really liked it mainly because I felt so dominant sitting in the lounge chair fully clothed watching with my husband so embarrassed he did not want to cum but Brenda was so great he had to, for further humiliation she held his cum then kissed him open mouth and transfered most of it so he swallowed, he was refused any sex at all for two weeks then I videoed while he pulled himself off and threatened to leave some copies around town, he has been a very good boy but sex only when and how I like since, next Sunday is his birthday so Brenda is going to make a surprise visit.

  • That's very hot! I see you are now the dominant partner in your marriage. Do you get off on humiliating him? Is your plan to sit and watch Brenda suck his cock again?

  • Really liking the idea of being in control, I have this thought that maybe next time Brenda comes over I will have her bring cuffs, leg spreader and a cock cage get hubby naked cuffed behind with leg spreader and have Brenda teach me how to suck cock (tormenting him) but not letting him cum, when we have finished lock the cage on and have Brenda keep one key and me the other I know he will complain and want out but I will inform him that he is to have it locked to get used to it and that I will decide when he is to be released for cleaning, shaving and teasing to precum, he better not talk about it or complain lest he stays locked a lot longer, I am sure he will be a very good boy for me.

  • Don't you think your going overboard with this ? the poor guy only had a blowjob say once every three weeks or so and mostly from your friend even though he did not know at the time, give him a break, the other guy's are off scot free, I think it is just going too far with the chastity cage, OK get Brenda to give him another blowjob while you watch and humiliate him but leave it at that would be fair, it sounds like all three have learnt their lesson now.

  • Overboard, poor guy, obviously your male, I am really starting to enjoy my dominant new and it is going to continue and expand, whatever way you look at it he cheated and will be very sorry he did, as for his friends no they are not getting away with it either Brenda has a couple of the security guys going through the club cctv video's for when his friends were getting blowjobs and give them to her, one weekend soon we are going to have them over to show them and ask if they think we should give them to their wives hahaha don't think they want that, so we are thinking we might make them get naked and give each other a blowjob while we video after that we can think of many other punishments, we will have three faithful slaves for sure.
    How would you like to join our happy throng buster ?

  • Omg that would be the ultimate in humiliation! Making them suck eachothers cocks while you video it! Will you be having your husband down on his knees sucking cock too? They will think twice about cheat next time.

  • Having the cock cage locked on will currently be enough for my husband but certainly he will be watching them suck each other I think naked standing in a corner so they can see his chastity cage would be good.
    Don't you think this is just so fantastic, I feel so happy being in such a dominant position and with Brenda helping makes it more so.

  • Great stuff Honey, my husband tormented me for months about going into chastity eventually I gave in he was so happy the first time I locked him in he thought he was in control but after about 12 hours he said get it off so I can have a root well I had hidden the keys and answered "Darling you need to get used to it so I think we will go for 2 weeks just as a starter" he got angry and virtually demanded it be unlocked because it was hurting, I inspected everything and was certain it was OK so I said "Darling on further thought you need it on for at least 4 to 5 weeks to ensure you are comfortable with it and understand I am totally in control now if you want that extended just keep talking about it or bring the subject up again I will be happy to accommodate you".
    He is now very obedient, quiet and very helpful around the house and grounds, he satisfies me with tongue, fingers and toys but get none himself, when I wash, shave and clean him next weekend as usual he will be cuffed behind, not sure if I will pull him off so he can cum just yet it has been 6 weeks this time, the feeling of dominance is terrific.

  • A few years ago my husband and I were going through a rough patch. We had been married for ten years at this point. Anyway, he and a friend were in the garage talking and as I'm standing in the doorway my husband is telling his friend about a woman he gave a ride to that gave him a blowjob while he drove. I was pissed and started bitching him out, he tells me to calm down ,it's no big deal it was just a blowjob.
    I walked up to his friend and went down on my knees in front of him and started unzipping his pants. My husband started telling me to stop but I reminded him it's only a blowjob not sex so no big deal. He stood there pissed off as I sucked his friend's dick .

  • I bet your husband was hard as a rock watching you sucking his friend's cock. Did he cum in your mouth?

  • I totally freaked out my husband years ago because he and his buddies would go to a strip club on most weekends, my husband is such an idiot, he had a members only card in his wallet. He pulled out his wallet one time and we were standing there talking about something else and I looked down and asked him where he was a member. After numerous mumbles and dodging the question I looked in his wallet later and it was still in there. He texted me and told me that he was going to the bar with his friends after work one Friday and I gave it some time then drove over to the club, sure enough there was his truck along with one of his friends truck. I was mad at first and felt like going in there and yelling at him but a few days later I had another plan come to me. I drove by there again a few days later because I had remembered seeing a sign that talked about an amateur night. I signed up and showed up that night, it was during the week and I was so nervous going out there that I thought I was going to throw up but I made it thru my songs and guys were tossing money and asking for table dances so it really made me feel better. I was there a few hours and they even wanted to put a picture of me and another woman up as the hottest amateurs for that week.
    It was about two weeks later and my husband came home and showed me a picture on his phone asking me if I knew anything about this and I just told him, "wow she really looks like me."
    He was not buying it at all though and asked me why in the hell I did it, now all his friends have seen that stupid poster up at the club.

  • I would have stayed that way until my husband got home. And when he freaked out I would have said "it's no different to the coffee stand... it's not as if I'm naked...."

  • That was my original plan. But honestly I could tell by their faces and movements , that something was about to happen. Not to mention that honestly it started arousing me. So I didn't want to go that far.

  • You know exactly where that was headed. It probably wouldn't have been much longer before you were taking one of his friends' cock in your pussy and another in your mouth. Each of them taking a turn, leaving you well fucked ,leaking cum for your husband to find.

  • You are definitely overreacting, unless you planned to cheat on your husband anyway and were looking for something trivial to use as an excuse.

  • I wasn't necessarily looking to cheat. I agree that I have over reacted as well. But now that his friends have seen me almost nude. I feel like I have cheated , not to mention the messages that they have been sending me.

  • Oh, please, you know you are going to be fucking them all any day now, you already started the ball rolling.

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