Stressed now

I'm sure everyone will say this is my own fault and probably comment on my grammar. Here it goes. I am flirtatious and I know that most men find me attractive. I am constantly commenting on how I am completely shaved and I have a pretty kitty. My husband doesn't say much because he trusts me and his friends , my best friend has said I am a riot but should be careful. We threw a huge party recently alot of people drank too much including my husband and I. I was by the fire pit when I said how pretty my shaved kitty looked and I also said that I'm sure everyone wants it. One of the guy's started saying that it was probably hairy and ugly so we all started giving ea other a hard time back and forth. I found myself in the back bedroom with a few of them I was going to prove how pretty it looked. I was going to show them I wasn't lying. I pulled open the front of my stretch pants to show them. Next thing I know my pants and panties are around my ankles and I have fingers in my kitty and ass, hands were on my chest and the shirts were being taken off . The door opened and another guy said I just sent Mark ( my husband ) to the store he'll be gone at least 45 minutes. Of course from there you can absolutely figure out what had happened. I'm worried that someone will tell Mark what happened. The guy's involved all promise to be quiet but text me all day and night trying to get more. I feel that there is no positive way out of my predicament.

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  • It is your fault; no one needs to know what you look like. You need to have some self respect; you shouldn't have been telling people about your private parts; they belong to your husband. Obviously you don't care about him or you would keep the dirty talk only for him. Quit going to parties, get new friends, and grow up.

  • I'm so wet thinking about this happening to me

  • Hot story. How many of them were there? Did they cum inside you?

  • 5 men 3 did cum in me

  • Face it your a slut

  • Very nice story but I'd like to hear everything that happened to you in lots of detail. How that little kitty got used and abused

  • At first they were jabbing fingers in me then pushed me down on the bed andppulled my pants off then they ea in turn climbed on and had sex with me, some just played with my tits and came others had sex with me and came one ONLY one turned me over and you know. My phone won't stop ringing or making the text message noise all day and night now

  • You sound amazing. Are you going to let it happen again?
    The images I have running round my head are getting me so horny

  • I think I've said too much I should have kept this a secret

  • I'm hard thinking about all those guy's using your little kitty you sound like a hot little slut. Send me a k I k friend requst at gmancumface1998 please

  • I did but I don't feel comfortable sending you naked pictures sorry

  • You made you bed bow lie in it. They all will want to fuck you and deposit their sperm in you then you get knock up. And this poor cuck will paying for it. This is why smart men don't get married.

  • You are now their cum dumpster get used to being their whore!

  • Ty captain obvious lol ( always wanted to say that )

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