Frustrating but it hurts

My new boyfriend of 6 weeks is getting very frustrated when we have sex.
When he try’s to fully penetrate me it hurts, he try’s to hold back but gets carried away and starts pushing deeper into me.
We try lots of different positions but it still hurts me, anything over half his shaft it starts hurting.
This has not happened with previous boyfriends and it doesn’t hurt when I use a dildo and fully push it in.
It’s not the lack of lubrication or the size of his penis.
I’m also wanting full penetrating sex so it’s frustrating for me too.
Does this happen to anyone else?

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  • It's happened to my with an ex. Plenty of foreplay and lube will help until you get used to him.

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  • My younger brother was very well hung and told me that girls would jack him off and suck on the head of his cock but would not let him fuck them and if they tried he could not get it in very deep. He told me about one girl who could not even get the head inside her pussy. I told my wife about and she offered to try to help him out. I told her to go for it and after they had sex I had never seen her pussy so stretched and gaping! I slipped my cock into her but it felt like hot pudding and she said she could not feel me inside her. So yes, there are girls out there that have the same problem with well hung guys. I guess my wife was not one of them!

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