Would it be ok?

So the wife went out of town to visit her sister in Florida. I would have gone but something happened at work and I had to work. I texted her the next morning and asked how she was. She said, "Good. Haven't been down here in a while. Horny tho. Real horny. Wish you were hear to fuck me." I said, "You could use your toy." She said, "Left it in the drawer or else I would have."

So that night I text her. She says, "Chilling by the pool. Wearing that bikini you love and having some drinks." Now, we play with each other. I say, "Got any hot guys hitting on you?" She says, "Actually yes. Good looking guy has bought me a couple drinks." My wife is thick. Not fat. Thick. Big tits, super nice ass. I said, "He wants to fuck you." She said, "Think so?" I said, "Yeah. Guys don't buy women drinks unless they want it to go somewhere." She said, "It may work. He looks like he has a big dick." I said, "How would you know that?" She said, "Wet swimming trunks." I said, "You looking?" She said, "Hell yeah I am. Would it be ok if I fuck him?" I said, "For real? Not playing?" She said, "Not playing at all. He just invited me back to his room." I said, "Well, we have talked about what it would be like for you to fuck another guy but I wanted to watch." She said, "You still gonna be able to come down tomorrow?" I said, "Yeah. Got things squared away here." She said, "I'm gonna fuck him tonight. Tomorrow when you get here, you can watch him fuck me again."

So the next day I'm on my way to the airport to get on a plane to join her. I text her. I said, "I'm getting on the plane now." She said, "Good. I need you here." I said, "Everything ok?" She said, "Everything is great." I said, "What happened last night?" She said, "You really want to know?" I said, "Yes." She said, "Jello legs. He has a huge dick." I said, "So you saw it?" She said, "Saw it. Stroked it. Sucked it. Bent me over and fucked me doggy style." I said, "I see." She said, "You mad?" Now, I wasn't mad. I had a hard on just reading it. Didn't expect it. I said, "I wanted to watch." She said, "I told him. He said it's cool. Lemme know when you land."

I landed and texted her. I said, "I'm on the ground." She said, "Good. Room 114. Round 3 in about 45 min."

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  • At least she's letting you know what she's up to and getting your permission. When my ex-wife hit her 30s she'd reunite with her lady friends from college and have lady's weekend out types of things. I was never allowed. It took a while for me to find out that she was getting dicked in the hotel during those times.

  • I want my wife to do this

  • That sounds so great and so sexy, your wife appears to be a great girl, all the best enjoy.

  • My type of girl. Although, if I was in that position, I would rather hear about it than watch, unless she’s just sucking on his dick, then sure. I liked having someone to talk to about her wanting to hook up with other guys.

  • I had all these thoughts about what it looked like and if she was loud. Room 114 was her room not the guys. I got a key from the front desk. Let myself in and she was on her knees sucking the guys cock. She told me to come in, take off my clothes and go sit in the chair and watch.

  • Tell us more !

  • Mmmm sounds hot

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