I did a bad thing

I married a woman with kids from a previous marriage and for a long time, everything has been great. I kind of think I spoiled both of my daughters too much since I love seeing them happy, but I guessed it was better parenting than most. Their real father is worthless and an idiot for walking out on these angels.

Unfortunately the eldest is really sexy, which is kind of awkward for the father-daughter relationship. She walks around the house in tight little shirts and shorts, basically underwear. She is very beautiful, I can't help but stare at her body several times. I feel really guilty and weird about it, she's of legal age here but she's still just a teenager. I asked her mom why she doesn't have a boyfriend yet, apparently she is considered one of the "nerdy" girls at school because she is into these Japanese cartoons and games. When I was in school, a little hottie like that could watch all the dumb cartoons she wanted.

I didn't say anything to her about the way she dressed at home because I didn't want to come across as weird, and I want her to feel safe and happy at home if she's getting bullied at school.

She and I have always been close and affectionate, only now that she has developed she wants to hug me with no bra on. I tried to be a good dad, I can only deal with so much temptation. I wasn't trying to be weird but I was kind of cuddling with her on the couch and I started tickling her just for fun, trying to make things like they used to be. But that made her wiggle around in a way that was very sexual and well I just kind of started groping her and I kissed her neck before I managed to get control of myself again.

I'm kind of scared now. She didn't stop me and hasn't told her mom, but still I'm on rocky ground here. I went out today and bought her a bunch of stuff to try to keep her happy. I'm really nervous.


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  • I am a step father as well to a son and daughter who are both college age and understand your challenges. She is twenty now and very attractive, runs around the house in boy shorts and a t-shirt with her boobs bouncing all over the place. Her mother is the same way and I am sure that is where she got it from all those years of seeing her mom wearing a t-shirt in the morning and a pair of panties. During high school it was pure torture because we have a pool in the backyard and she would invite over 3-4 friends and some of them would be wearing bathing suits that fit them tight two years ago and they definitely needed new ones. My son would be practically bursting out of his trunks watching all of them.
    The key is you want them to feel safe and uninhibited, if that does not work for you picture your wife with a heavy object crushing your skull because you had sex with her daughter.

  • Play it cool and u will get to fuck her

  • You should be nervous. You handed her a ton of power.

  • Sounds wonderful! I'm sure she'd be happy to play around with you.

  • Cool it out and stop fucking around, or you are going to be in a shit storm of trouble.

  • Give her a good fucking its what she wants and needs

  • After you fuck her hard send her to my house in school st llanbradach south Wales

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