Can't believe it

I had cameras installed in the back yard , after many times of people stealing things. They don't work properly on the recording part but if a motion detector is tripped I get an alert on my phone. I then can watch who's there in real time. For the past two weeks I have watched literally watched my wife skinny dipping with some younger men in the pool. It's like she has forgotten about the cameras. I watch everything , I have even seen them fuck her right in the pool.

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  • What a good girl, love it

  • When she is finished lay her down and lick that pussy clean with that fresh young cum dripping out.

  • Yeah, she must have just totally forgotten all about those cameras, LOL ! Well, at least you have something to jerk off to, besides this shit !

  • Sounds like she is having more than one guy over. Is she getting double teamed and double creamed?

  • I have witnessed more than one guy yes. The video quality isn't the greatest but I can make it out. To me it looks like she's the town slut.

  • Lucky wife

  • Sorry, man. This must have been rough. At least you probably knew early--if you didn't have the cameras, who knows how long this could have been going on before you found out? Is she inviting the guys over herself, or is it a co-conspiracy with another female friend? I say that because the only time (I think) my wife cheated on me was because one of her slut friends invited guys over and it became a temptation thing.

  • This is so great! Beating off guys is one thing. But when a married women is 'marked' for debauchery by her girlfriends, it's usually game over. There ain't a thing on God's green earth husbands can do to stop it. I absolutely love it!

  • I'm at work right now , watching the cameras remotely on my phone. There's no sound but obviously what I can witness doesn't need sound. I can't believe that almost every day I'm at work she's fucking someone.

  • Sounds to me like she's giving you the green light to start fucking other women.

  • I don't know about that. I think she doesn't know that they can be turned on and off whenever I want

  • You have her on video fucking other men, there's not a thing she can say about you fucking other women. Make sure that you have saved recordings of the videos of her fucking, should you decide to divorce her, it will save you lots of money. Also, if any of the guys she is fucking are married, you can use the videos to blackmail them and make some easy cash. You should always try to make the best of a bad situation, good luck with your cheating wife.

  • Get better camera's dude. You just nay need the vids one day.

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