The hottest one night stand I've ever had...

This story will be like no other you've read...

I work at a restaurant/bar in NYC. Im 22 years old, Mexican, dark black hair, 5'11 and curvy. Ive been working at this restaurant bar since I was a busgirl in high school, then I waitressed and now I bartend. The owner is very nice and his regulars are great.

I worked a coming home party for one of the neighborhood guys. He was italian, had slick back silver hair, slim and fit was maybe in his 60's. I was serving him drinks all night with the open bar. Towards the end of the night he approached me with the most honest sincere scenario. I felt so turned on so I went for it. Towards the end of the night he asked "I am not married, I have no children, and I've been away for a very long time. Longer than you've been alive probably. I think you are incredibly beautiful. I want to know if you want to spend the night with me. It's my first night out and I haven't felt a woman in a long time"

I was so extremely flattered. I was shocked and idk why i agreed. We got a hotel in manhattan facing the NJ Coast line. It was the most incredible, erotic, passionate sex I've ever had. He romanced me, he took control of me and he adored me. I did things in the bedroom I've never done before and we made each other feel so amazing. After breakfast he drove me home and thanked me endlessly for that night.

A week later he sent a gift to the restaurant. It was a necklace with the date we slept together and on the back of it he had his name on there. Seriously this is a dying breed of men and i wish i could have sex with him one more time.

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  • I’m glad to hear the night and sex with an much older man was such a memorable one.
    I am an older 53 year Hispanic male very well in shape, married, but also adore young fit women. Nothing wrong with my marriage, just not as much sex as I would prefer.
    Sometimes when I go out golfing with my buddies at local sports bars for drinks I sometimes get attention from much younger females and my friends give me a hard time.
    I sometimes really wish I could act out on it and take the opportunities that come my way.I will be honest and say that I have always loved going down on females but ,totally loved it but over time the wife seems to want me slow down.
    I hope you can fulfill another opportunity if one comes your way.
    And I hope to one day have the chance to fulfil my desire to have sex with a young female

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