Dirty bar secret

I am white woman who's been married for less than a year. One night at a bar, this black man came up to me and pulled his dick out and placed it in my hand. He told he to jerk him off and he wanted to cum on my cleavage. Rather than call for help, I did it for him and let him cum all over my cleavage He suddenly left. I felt proud for having black cum covering my cleavage. The next night, at the bar, I was on the toilet, when the same black man came and put his dick on a hole in the wall. I couldn't resist, so I took off my underwear and rubbed my butt over his big dick before he came on them. Now, every other night, I go to that bar to have sex with him. I'm thinking of filing a divorce so I can have sex with him and his friends.

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  • Fuck off n get a life bitch.

  • Keep your husband and just keep fucking heck make a threesome out of the situation

  • Don't divorce. Just fuck him and whoever else you want. If hubby isn't into it then don't tell him. My wife has been fucking black men for years but I am into it so I don't mind.

  • Bullshit

  • Love this post ... dam

  • Why divorce? Just fuck them to your heart’s content! Gravel and swallow their cum and let hubby watch!

  • Oh I don't know for it has happened to me several times over the past year but in my case it's all because of our dancing and he gets horney as hell and begins rubbing himself against me and before long I am taking all of him out in the parking lot in his vehicle or against his car or mine. This one guy has had me more times this past two months than my husband has and he has a much bigger and thicker cock and I love it when he fucks me good.

  • I drive a truck and am only home on week ends, late Friday night often after midnight till Sunday late afternoon and for years my wife has taken black cock in all three holes more than she has mine. I love it and makes me hard just thinking about it.

  • Another black dude with an inferiority complex writing things, dude stop being racist against yourself!

  • Ok this story is full of shit stupidity, but this wasn't written by a black man with an issue with his own race. Stop making yourself look as stupid as the OP.

  • You keep trying to invalidate my opinion but at the same time accepting the "BBC story" is bullshit, dude you dont realize you are making NO SENSE. It is because this BBC stories are all bullshit that my opinion exists in the first place. Im not denying the attraction that a white woman could feel for a black man, sure that happens but the exaggeration of it, which is exactly what BBC stories are, are pure bullshit written (as I state) by black men with an inferiority complex

  • You sound like a hater

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