Married and confused

I was 23 when I married a 36 year old man. Our life together was great up until a couple years ago. I'm now 38 and he's 51 . He's only been sexually active towards me a handful of times in the last couple years. Meanwhile I have needs and I constantly think about sex. I go out with friends and men hit on me and I have always been faithful. This weekend was the end of that. Not only did I cheat on him but it was with multiple men ( which I have been fantasizing about ) it's something that just happened it wasn't planned or anything. He had to work Saturday so I went garage sailing. I bought a very huge armoire for next to nothing. The people who I bought it from loaded it in my truck. When I got home I called some of his friends to help me unload it. It was weird we got it into the garage and closed the door. I served them some beers. I thanked them over and over for helping me. When one said something smart assed. If you really want to thank us how about some blow job's. Everyone laughed. I said it's been so long I don't know if I know how to do it anymore. That's when it got serious. Jeff grabbed himself and said well come over here and let's see how you do the other two egged me on so I don't know why but I dropped to my knees and reached for his pants. Soon I had his hard dick in my mouth. I stopped for a second and looked at the other two who were rapidly taking down their pants. Apparently I didn't loose my skills because it wasn't long before I had each of their cums in my mouth, my belly and on my face. I stood up and started wiping my face off as I headed into the house. They followed right behind me as we got close to my bedroom they were behind me and directed me in. Where they took my clothes off and were touching me all over. I was embarrassed and half assed tried stopping them from putting their fingers in me because I began to cum all over. It was very embarrassing. They turned me around bent me over my bed and each one took a turn fucking me. I had to big orgasms then something that has never happened as the last one was doing me I had a massive orgasm I felt my body completely release I started spraying and peeing all over my bed and floor. They all cheered and eventually just left me balled up in the fetal position on the floor. They all came back that night with their wives and girlfriends so we could all have some drinks and snacks. I couldn't even look at them in the face. When they were leaving one said we can't wait until you know who leaves you alone for the day again.


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  • Just embrace it and you will be much happier.

  • Fucking hot story, I am jealous, I would love to suck 3 dicks!!

  • A little tip eat good daily exercise. don’t drink or smoke much.and you will not have any of your friends tucking your wife.but your dick will be happy to fuck everyone else wife if not you will have dick Problems by 40 limping out making sad wifes

  • Next time you crave some cock just go to a classy sports bar and stay long enough to flirt with some of the hot drunk men there. They will be more than willing to let you suck and or fuck them. Trust me married older women have picked up on this and it’s fun to watch them leaving with younger guys got plain sex

  • I feel like I have already committed to these other guys. It's weird getting text messages and emails from them

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