We bought a holiday home so we could use it when ever we had time off . We had a nice secluded spot on the site , So my wife could sunbathe without being seen . Their was this guy on site who would do all the maintenance for the rentals and any problems that arose , On more than one occasion we tripped the electric so we had to call into the office to get it sorted . Mike turned up the maintenance guy and sorted it , But from then on He would pop in and check everything was fine . He was a nice guy but he would pop his head into the garden the door the window he didn't care . One such occasion my wife was sunbathing topless opened her eyes and Mike was their , She put her hands over her boobs Mike said it's too late I had a good look at them you might has well take your hands away . My wife said she was shocked he was their also his attitude , My wife said just before he left he said go on take your hands away my wife said I think you've seen enough . When she first told me this I was not happy somebody seeing my wife's tits , My wife said he looked but he will never touch them so don't worry . I told my wife if he does it again take your hands away my wife looked confused , I said it turns me on does it turn you on my wife said yes a !little bit it made me feel dirty . We did not have to wait long before it happened again ,This time I was in the van watching through the net curtains with the window open . This time Mike said take your hands away my wife did has he said , Mike then said to my wife you've got lovely tits why don't you sunbathe naked . My wife looked at the window I put my thumb up , Mike said go on take them off my wife stood up put her high heel sandles on she looked slutty I thought that was it she's coming in . Then she looked at the window Mike said go on I put my thumb up again , She hesitated before untying the sides of her bikini bottoms then pulling them off . She looked so hot Mike walked over to her my wife said no don't touch me I'm going in now then told him I was in the van asleep . Mike didn't believe her and followed her in my wife said I'll shout for my husband , I could hear panic in her voice then she shouted for me . I said what's wrong then took my time to walk out Mike had gone , My wife was still naked all but her shoes she said thank god he tried to finger me , This situation turned us both on my wife was wet you can. guess what happened next . My wife's not sure if she would go any further , I'm not sure if we should go further part of me wants too .

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  • Sounds like he’s going to rape her. You ok with that?

  • Wet ... turned on ... take it a step at a time. Arousal is natural as it is pleasurable. Let it take you where you're supposed to go.

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