My wife and mike

This is a true story that happened back in 2001 just before 911. A little background, my wife and I had been happily married for ten years with no kids. She was 31yrs old, beautiful olive skin, brunette, green eyes, very fit, shaved pussy with a nicely done boob job. She was and still is the kindest person I’ve ever known. She was and still is a very modest woman, which made this incident even hotter. I was 34 blonde hair and blue eyes.
My wife and I were regular church goers and one Sunday an older couples son, Mike, who was 23 and single, was at church with us having just moved back from Florida. His parents were moving out west for a govt job and Mike was to stay at their house to take care of things. Mike was a good looking guy who was well built and had longer hair that I likened to Fabio lol. He and I hit it off immediately becoming close friends quickly. We rode dirt bikes and enjoyed working on our 4x4 trucks together. My wife and I were best friends so she would usually go riding with us and so basically the three of us would hang out together.
Now, one night when my wife and I were fucking I asked her if she ever had any fantasies. Instead of answering, she asked me the same question. I told her in my horny state that I fantasized watching her suck another guys cock. I knew this sounded a little over the top for us and her expression confirmed it. Fast forward a few weeks, the three of us had just returned to our home from dirt bike riding one Saturday. My birthday had fallen earlier in the week so we were celebrating that weekend. The plan was for the three of us to have dinner at our house that evening. So mike went to his house to shower while my wife and I did the same and began cooking dinner. When Mike got back to our place my wife was still upstairs getting dressed. A short time later my wife came downstairs and I was surprised by what she was wearing. She was wearing her really short cutoff jean shorts and a thin tank top with NO BRA! Rarely did she wear a tank top without a bra around the house for me and she would NEVER dress like that in front of another guy. I was shocked! Mike was surprised too, taking in the view with an obvious smile though I doubt he could’ve controlled it had he wanted to. She was beautiful and sexy as hell! I couldn’t keep my eyes or my hands off of her and she seemed damn fine with it. She was in the kitchen when I walked in behind her leaving Mike on the sofa alone. We immediately started kissing and making out while my hands were all over her tits. I had my hands under her top playing with her erect nipples with mike just a few feet away in the next room. She was totally letting me do what I wanted and when I asked what had got into her she gave me a sultry look and said “Happy Birthday.” Somehow I had good idea what she was talking about yet I wasn’t completely sure. I was in disbelief, my mind wouldn’t let me grasp it. Mike had gotten up and walked into the kitchen oblivious to what was going on. I had my back to the countertop and my wife was facing me with her back to him. We continued kissing with my hands on her tits. Mike was just standing there looking and smiling. I turned my wife around where she was facing him and I slowly began to raise my wife’s top up to show him her beautiful tits. Her tits popped out and there for the first time another guy was looking at my wife! My wife was so turned on she just let out a soft moan and arched her back. My hands went immediately to her tits and I began rubbing her nipples which always gets her hot as hell. Mike was enjoying the show so I motioned for him to walk over and join in. He didn’t hesitate. He began fondling her tits and thumbing her nipples. My wife was moaning louder now and I knew she was ready for more. She grabbed mikes hand and led him into the living room looking back at me over her shoulder as I followed. They began kissing passionately while mike made sure his hands didn’t miss an inch of her body. My wife dropped down to her knees and began to undue Mike’s pants. She helped him get completely undressed from the waist down and she was fixated on his big, strange cock. She stroked him for a minute then she took him in her mouth. She sucked him hard working her hands up and down his shaft. She would alternate sucking him deep and licking his entire length. She even spent time sucking his balls which she had never done to me. Mike was in heaven. She had him lay back on the sofa and spread his legs wide. She continued blowing him with everything she had on her quest to suck him off! I was standing by the loveseat jacking off watching this. I had already came twice shooting my load wherever it landed not caring. Mike was moaning louder and my wife was making loud sucking sounds as she went at it. I told Mike she swallows so he knew it was ok to cum in her mouth. My wife didnt let up when he told her he was going to cum. He let out a loud moan as he shot his cum in my wife’s mouth! My wife took him as deep as she could as he came. She didn’t miss a drop and swallowed everything! I couldn’t take it any longer as I walked over and shot my load in her mouth so that Mike could see her swallow my load. We eventually took her upstairs and fucked her good but not before Mike got a taste of her delicious pussy. It only took a few minutes of a strange tongue on her pussy to send her over the edge bucking and moaning wildly! We repeated this scenario several more times over the following weeks at our house and his. I must admit I wasn’t disappointed when he had to move out west with his parents after the sale of their home because I was sure the two of them were fucking when I was at work. I found out there were times he had came to my house while I was gone and my wife had found “reasons” to go to his house as well. I could tell when she had that just properly fucked look on her face when I came home. We don’t talk about that short period in our marriage when we did this and we’re still happily married.


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  • Dude keep those young cocks coming for her. Everyone is a winner. The part where she was sneaking off to fuck him makes me wonder how many other quickies she’s had with others and you not knowing. Did you think about kissing her after he shot off in her mouth. I bet that would have been an ultimate highlight for your wife.
    Like one guy who fucked my girl when she was shit faced one night after clubbing in the parking lot.. it’s only pussy .. I’m not taking it away just getting some

  • She is fucking other men now, you know that

  • Damn! Always wanted to see my wife suck another mans cock too! You think your wife would ever suck a BBC?

  • Would you consider yourself a cuckold or was it just a bit of experimenting?

  • Experimenting and living out a fantasy. Even though it worked out pretty good for all of us, we haven’t discussed doing it again.

  • Very,very hot.Wish I could do this with my wife.

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