First college experience

First week as freshman at UW-L, just starting classes on Monday and sat next to a walk-on football player in a early Psyc class assembly. I know I was staring at his if he had a banana in his pants.... He started a conversation....where you from? Have a GF?, Play any football?, Like to run? Thought these were strange questions for a first conversation but I answered them and asked the same of him. He was a junior in an early Psyc class which was strange to me but blew it off.
We walked back to the dorms....different dorms but got to mine first. He asked if he could see my room and told me he was housed in the team dorm and 2 buildings away.
We got to my room and we talked.....he sat on the bed next to me and kept slapping my knee/leg and then put his arm around my back/shoulders. I got up and stood at the window. He said he should go and asked if I wanted to meet in the team cafeteria for dinner so I said yes.
After dinner he walked me back to my room, sat on my bed next to me and put his other hand on my crotch. I just looked at him and his hand. He pushed me back onto the bed and got on top of me. I tried to pull away and roll out from under him. He was too tall and too strong.
He sucked my cock, my first, until I had cum down his throat. Had a little dick and early cummer. He sat up and thanked me. The meetings continued after football practice until the end of the season. I got to shower with the team, after practice twice and football players DO play with one another in the showers......I saw it, twice and one player gave me great blow jobs.

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