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I just started dating this guy, we decided to be bf/gf, and we got naked and decided to have sex for the first time the other day. It was exciting, and I was way hot for him. Kissing him was such a turn on that I was majorly wet and his dick slipped right in and felt perfect. We were having a great first-time fuck when out of the blue he says "I wanna sauce your taco." I was like "wtf? taco?"

I got off of him and said that was about the most unromantic thing I've heard in my life. Taco?!?! I'm sorry, my vagina is not a fucking taco. Call it a pussy or something, but taco? Fuck that. Im not even sure I can still date this guy, because the taco comment hurt my feelings.

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  • What the fuck is a Taco ?

  • Several years ago I got my wife a birthday card that had a Victorian era photo of a woman standing over a large mirror on the floor. The caption was, "It does NOT look like a taco ! " My wife thought it was hilarious. So, what's your fucking problem ? Goddamn, be glad he wanted to suck it !

  • I'm sorry, my bad, he wanted to "sauce" your taco, not suck it. Still, be glad he wanted to sauce it !

  • Dumb thing to say. Dumb reason to not date him.

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