Watching my parents

My bedroom and my parents' bedroom had a closet in between. I found out that there wasn't a wall between the backs of the closets. After hearing my parents having sex one Friday night, the next Friday night I opened the closet door in my parents' room and then went to my room and got in the closet where I could look through the open door and see their bed. After they came in I watched as my mother undressed and I saw a naked woman for the first time.
I watched as they kissed and then my dad got between my mother's legs. I had a great view and could actually see his dick going in and out of her. After my father finished he moved down her body and licked her until she came in a great shaking moaning orgasm. I watched them every Friday night for nearly six months.
Nothing was ever said to me but after that whenever I left their closet door open, my mother would close it when she came into their bedroom and I never got to watch them again.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Seeing my mom naked got me started on fantasizing about here

  • Fake incest crap. Two closets back to back with no wall. Really I hope you didn't take too long to think that one up.

  • As the old, bald, fat fuck, then goes to the mall to pick up a little girl in his van.

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls

  • Why are you in the family section of naughtyposts

  • Lol. Ignore the twat

  • Twat you say Cunt hear you

  • I'm here because of a hatred of incest and will post our views on it . I have every right to post how nasty incest is and how you people are the second worst scumbags.

  • No one cares lol

  • Not saying you dont have the right, just that you should go enjoy life instead.

  • So should you both lawfully and morally.

  • Says the pedophile.

  • I would have been spanking my monkey while watching them fuck.

  • My parents caught me jerking off watching them and insisted I join them in bed. So sexy.

  • So bull shit

  • So hot

  • I bet lots of parents are taking advantage of the lockdown to bring their kids to bed regularly.

  • If not, they should!

  • When my mom gets super horny she says, mostly joking, that if she had her way, she would make it mandatory lol.

  • I hope shes not joking. it should be mandatory!

  • I agree!!

  • Its a mothers duty and she should be punished for not doing it.

  • I believe mothers should be encouraged to take care of their sons needs but I don't think they should be punished for not doing so lol

  • Maybe not actually punished, but really if anyone deserves it, its those mothers depriving their sons. At least jerk him off regularly

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