What is your opinion?

My wife and I went to a party at one of our friends house, I noticed that she was really throwing back the drinks so I quit drinking so one of us could drive home. Well into the evening she teased me with little comments about the sex we were going to have when we got home, I witnessed her getting groped several times by one of our female friends as well as my wife groping her back. She was pretty turned on by what I could tell and when I asked her if she was ready to go home several hours into the evening, we certainly were not the first ones to leave, she told me she was going to suck my cock on the way home. Well that did not happen and when we did get home like ten minutes later I had to pretty much carry her into the house and up to the bedroom.
I started undressing her and she told me something like I was getting lucky tonight because she was drunk enough for anal, I had no plans for that at all simply because she was really drunk. She does however love her anus licked and fingered which I do quite often as foreplay letting her clit be lonely gets her aching quite a bit. I had her naked and began kissing and licking her nipples only to find her unresponsive laying there with her mouth slightly open and breathing hard. I laughed a little bit but kept on playing with her nipples to see if she would wake up but no luck, she was out for the count. I even pushed my hard cock in and out of her mouth a few times just for fun and she had no response. I love to go down on her though and was wondering if she would still respond to being stimulated because she tastes so sweet so I spread her legs out and began licking her deeply but nothing. She was a little wet but no reaction from her was sort of pointless so I gave up and decided to just roll her over and rub myself off between her cheeks. I put a bunch of lube on my cock and between her cheeks, I stroked myself up and down for a bit but did not penetrate her anus at all just love the feel of her ass cheeks enveloping my cock head. I came and cleaned her up some with a towel then went to sleep myself.
When we woke up the next morning she was a little bit groggy but seemed mad. She asked me why her rear end was lubed up and sticky asking me if we had anal last night because she could not remember anything. I told her that is because two minutes into foreplay you pretty much feel asleep and was not waking up. I told her about playing with her nipples and trying to lick her into arousal but it was not use because all the alcohol caught up with her. I was honest about the rolling her over just to get off with her cheeks and she still seemed a little mad about it asking me why I kept on trying to have sex with her passed out and sleeping. She made some comment about I probably did it with drunk college girls back in the day but it was not okay with her. I told her okay next time I will just beat off and be done with it but I did not think that I did anything really perverted or dirty. I asked her if she remembered playing with her friend at the party and she asked me what I was talking about. I told her what the two of them were doing and she told me I was full of shit.
So what is your opinion?
Can I not play with my wife if she is to drunk to remember it?
Should I not have continued playing with her trying to get her aroused?


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  • She's your wife, she knew sex was going to happen when you got home (even said it would), and said she was drunk enough to be willing to do anal. I mean, if you love each other and you were nice about it, I don't think giving her nut was a problem, even if she was a bit passed out. Married couples are supposed to enjoy each other's bodies.

  • With Trump as President and Brett on the Supreme Court, as a man you get to do what you want and what pleases you.

  • I think that’s the green light if you ever want to share her. Get her another big cock I bet she wants it

  • Personally I'd really enjoy my hubs doing this. Shame he's so darn lazy

  • Funny you should say that. I dated a woman for a few years pretty seriously before I met my wife and we were out drinking pretty good. She woke up the next morning and after some talking about how horny she remembered being last night she told me I should have just had sex with her anyways. I laughed at that one thinking that it must have happened to her before.

  • If you were my wife you would think a sore pussy and the taste of cum in your mouth was part of a hang over, my friends will buy the drinks.

  • Some women would not mind their husband doing this, others would. It's her call.

  • Go for it anytime

  • F*с к|пg а|с[]н[]|iсs,тгу то |ivе sобег,ат |£аst for a while,what is the matter with people!

  • I get my wife drunk and let other guys fuck her.

  • Hey,send pics of your wife,do you want the number?

  • Your wife is a slut

  • Yes she is, that's why I love her.

  • If she's too drunk to remember anything then go bang someone else at the party!

  • Yeah,be a man wh*re

  • My question to the OP is this, Why would you want to fuck with an unresponsive person. To me there is nothing worse then fucking a woman that just lays there so why would you mess with your wife that's passed out and unresponsive. Just jerk off if you are that horny.

  • Messin' with a woman who is passed out,that's mother f*ckin' rape you stupid motherf*cker you should be killed

  • So your telling me that if I have to carry my wife into the house after a night of drinking and take her clothes off because I happen to know that she cannot stand to sleep in a bra. I then slip her into a night shirt, just like she does just about every evening. This would be considered r*pe?
    We have been married for almost fifteen years one would think there is some trust to not do anything harmful to her.

  • My wife is groped all the time when she's drunk. I have never let it go any further. I figure it's her fault for being drunk and a flirt with my buddies and even guys at the bar. my opinion is enjoy it just don't let it get to far out of hand.

  • Every time my wife gets drunk I’m getting anal. She’s you’re wife, and she gave you the go ahead. You can have her any way you want her. I don’t even get consent and I have sex with her any way I want. I nutted in her three times the last time I had sex with her while she was unconscious.

  • Wrong way to do it is anal,really it is

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