Took advantage of the situation

I was overseas in the military on a temporary duty assignment and this woman started showing interest in me after I had only been there a few days. I lied to her telling her I was stationed there for two years but really it was only 8 weeks. I was thinking she would not see me if she knew it was short term. Three weeks or so later she asked if I would marry her just so she could get to the US and I told her I would do it for sex and she was completely onboard with it.
The rest of the time I was there I had her doing everything and even worked out morning and nightly blow jobs. She was pretty great at sex and I always wore condoms. The morning I was flying back I got up a little early and screwed her for an hour, had her in many positions and even after I had already blown a load asked her to suck on me longer. I got on my flight two hours later with fond memories knowing I would probably never find a woman like her again for free.

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