Helping a friend

When I was 36 I was very good friends with my now husband friend parents, 3 or 4 times a week I would pop in on the way home from work and say hello, I have a lot of time for them, they helped me out when I really needed help.
My husband friend moved back into his parents houses, we are also good friends.
I also really fancy him, he’s so sexy, to me he is the perfect looking man for me.
After saying hello to his parents I would go say hello to him in his bedroom.
After a couple of weeks I got a text from him, you visiting the parents today, not sure why, was going to ask you a favour, after many texts backwards and forwards he’s wanting me to help him take better pictures of himself naked, didn’t bother me in the slightest especially when it’s him.
He said the website he posts pictures on are stopping just cock pictures and there’s only so many pictures you can take by yourself.
Whenever I visited I would take a few pictures of him mainly naked in different poses, he said a lot of them were still being refused can I help.
First it was him placing his lovely cock on my foot, then a picture of my hand holding his cock.
He said the pictures have been excepted and the comments he’s getting are amazing.
When he showed me the comments many said, lucky woman to be holding that cock.
We took more pictures to keep his fans happy many asking for requests.
He said let’s tease them more, flaccid and erected his cock was touching my knickers and one picture of the end of his cock under my knickers.
I was enjoying this more then him, I tried not to show I was getting anything out of it just helping him out, but I was super excited.
The pictures continued and so did the comments, we didn’t end up having full sex but pictures were taken of his cock just inside my pussy and cum over it.
Got to admit it makes me so wet just thinking about it all and I can still view the pictures on the site.

11 months ago

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