Can you tell if someone is gay just by looking at them?? When I was younger I could tell if someone sucked dicks just by the way their lips were shaped. And I was usually right too. Back then I thought that sucking a lot of dicks changed the shape of your lips and I could just tell that they sucked dicks. But here's another question. If you have sex with a lot of guys will you start developing bigger hips or bigger tits just from all the cum they deposit in you? I knew a few guys who started behaving like women after having sex with a few guys. I've had sex with a lot of guys and none of that stuff has ever happened to me. Although a girl I know did tell me I was gay once. I wondered how she knew. She never did say. Maybe she guessed from putting her dildo up my ass a few times when we had sex. Once she came while she watched me deepthroat her 8 inch dildo. Maybe that gave it away. She did tell me that my ass hole was really big after she put her dildo all the way up there. I just don't have a clue as to how she guessed that I was gay.

9 months ago

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    • Lip shape, eh ? Your mother must look like Mick Jagger !

    • When I was a cute little kid I was a sissy and didn't know it. It was a cute really horny teenage boy who deflowered my nine year old boypussy. The only way I could tell if someone was gay was if I had them in my mouth or I was on my tummy with my underpants aside with a cock up my butt.

    • Sometimes you can tell by there mannerisms and body language, but some you can not, i was surprised my my friend, we use to go to the swimming baths and get changed together many times, i would get a semi erection swollen but not fully erect, the situation was he was sat drying his feet, i was stood drying my hair when i felt him take my cock in his hand start wanking me, it was a surprise and felt good, when i was fully erect he he took my cock in his mouth which felt even better, i have had blow jobs with my wife and previous girlfriends but this was the very best he really knew what to do, i told him i was about to shoot giving him the option to pull his cock out of my mouth, he kept going until he had swallowed it all, after he said i didn't need to return the favour if didn't want to, we are blowing each other regularly

    • It's easy to tell if a guy is gay. Just take a close look at his mouth. If he has a cock in it, pretty sure he's gay. Can tell the same by looking at his butt hole.

    • It depends on the person, some are more obviously gay, others you would never guess.

    • It seems like girls can always tell I'm gay. I don't know how they know but
      they just do.

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